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5 Key Considerations To Keep Away From Untrustworthy Immigration Attorney

5 Key Considerations To Keep Away From Untrustworthy Immigration Attorney

For those already in the United States or hoping to come, a relationship with an experienced and trustworthy immigration attorney is an important step. When your right to live and thrive on American soil is challenged, your best defender is an immigration attorney.

Expert attorneys have trained for years, perfecting their craft to ensure they can protect your rights and fight for justice. Further, lawyers can monitor court and application proceedings, guiding you through every step of the process. Without a doubt, this avoids unnecessary delays or errors, which may lead to denial and heartbreak.

Numerous factors lead individuals to seek guidance from immigration legal representatives. Immigration lawyers can help with various immigration concerns, such as green card applications, deportation defense, naturalization, business immigration law, permanent residence, short-term work visas, employer compliance, etc.

Discovering sincere, well-informed, and hardworking immigration legal representation can be difficult. In this article, we walk you through some key items to consider when looking for an immigration lawyer. You’ll learn crucial points to remember while looking for the ideal immigration attorney to help with your case. 

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They Won’t Put it in Writing.

Be cautious of any immigration attorney who won’t put essential clauses in Writing. You should know that you must possess hard copies of important documents when entering the legal world. If a lawyer won’t sign off on an important agreement, inquire why they won’t, and be watchful about their motivation. Otherwise, you could get burned down the line.

They Don’t Disclose the Minor Matters.

Things that may not seem like a big deal initially could have massive consequences. Untrustworthy immigration attorneys aren’t likely to want to go over the fine points of your case. Instead, the vaguer they can remain, the more in the dark you are about their actions, and the more it is advantageous to them.

Look for an attorney willing to explain the little details and strategies. And if you’ve had a bad experience with a lawyer who doesn’t prioritize your case or won’t answer your calls –– seek new counsel ASAP.

They Present a Mere Facade.

Whenever you hire an immigration attorney, perform due diligence on their background. Check all the reviews and testimonials from previous clients, ask them about their experience, and cross-check anything unusual with other attorneys. The more informed you are, the better decisions you can make.

They Endorse Illegal Action.

Any immigration attorney willing to ask their clients to lie or, in any other way, break the law is one you should stay away from at all costs. Not only will illegal action not help your chances of success, but it’ll also land you in deep trouble sooner or later. No matter how lucrative the short-term gain might appear, don’t do business with anyone who openly breaks the law.

They Promise the Moon.

A good lawyer in any walk of life should shoot straight with you. So, if you find a lawyer willing to make outlandish guarantees or insist they’re the only one who can help you, take it skeptically. Make sure to corroborate their best estimate for success with testimonials from previous clients.

It is also why you should speak to more than one lawyer before you make any decision. Consulting with multiple attorneys can give you a solid baseline for what to expect during the process. No one wants to think about hiring a lawyer who doesn’t have their best interest at heart.

Fortunately, if you watch for these and other shady activities, you can find an attorney who’ll put your needs first. Having a reliable, experienced, and credible immigration lawyer to assist you through the process can make all the difference. 

With more than 20 years of experience in immigration law and the endorsement of several legal organizations, Gehi & Associates concentrates 100% of its efforts on addressing and solving immigration-related legal issues.

Multilingual and with offices in Jackson Heights, Ozone Park, and Jamaica in New York, Gehi & Associates offers professional, honest, and compassionate legal support to its clients.

Gehi & Associates serves thousands of immigrants throughout the United States and worldwide, works tirelessly to defend the rights of every client and can help even in the direst situations. Contact us today – our initial consultations are always free. (hyperlink to our contact page on the website)

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