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Applying for Asylum in the United States

Applying for Asylum in the United States

Each year, the United States provides asylum to individuals who have endured persecution or fear they will be due to their specific circumstances. This important humanitarian action is part of our country’s commitment to upholding the rights of those wrongfully persecuted.

We recognize and commend the courage of those seeking asylum in the US and are dedicated to providing them with a safe and secure haven. Our team of NYC asylum lawyers has experience in every facet of immigration law and will use that knowledge to reach the best possible result in your asylum application process. 

At Gehi and Associates, we can assist you and your loved ones if you fall within one of the categories listed for seeking asylum in the US.

Am I qualified to apply for Asylum?

To qualify for political asylum in the United States, an individual must demonstrate that they have been somewhat persecuted. This means proving that they would reasonably fear and be in danger if forced to return to their home country.

Furthermore, asylum seekers must demonstrate that any form of protection provided by the government of their home country was inadequate or unavailable. In addition, it’s important to note that, generally speaking, citizens who left their countries voluntarily may be ineligible for Asylum status in the U.S.

Those cases are analyzed under different standards than refugees seeking protection from persecution abroad. You are eligible to apply for asylum in the US if you have been persecuted on the following accounts:

  1. Race
  2. Religion
  3. Nationality
  4. Political opinion
  5. Social group memberships

Kindly note the following circumstances surrounding the eligibility requirements;

  • Persecution on an application must usually be severe, including physical or emotional harm.
  • Threats of harm may sometimes qualify as persecution when others have faced more serious persecution in a similar situation.
  • The persecutor must either be the government or somebody whom they cannot protect you from.

Closely aligned with these prerequisites, you must establish that you are outside of your home country and unwillingly to return, have filed for asylum within one year of entering the United States, and have not persecuted anyone equally.

While refugee status is available to immigrants outside the US, those already at a port of entry or in the country can apply for asylum. Even if you are in the country illegally, you may still apply for asylum if you are not currently in deportation proceedings.

Can I include my spouse and/or kids in the application process?

Form I-589 ordinarily requires that you list your spouse and any dependent children on your application for asylum, even if they are not included in your application or present in the United States. You can request that the immigration official include them in your application proceedings.

Having an Asylum lawyer NYC right by your side will simplify the complexity and challenges you might encounter.


The United States has a very complex asylum application process, which can be a challenging and intimidating experience for many applicants. This is due to several factors, including the complexities of US immigration law, a large backlog of cases waiting to be heard by the court system, etc.

However, it is possible to do it successfully, especially when you hire the services of Asylum Lawyer NYC to navigate the process.

  • File an Asylum Application with USCIS

The first step in applying for Asylum is completing Form I-589 and Withholding of Removal if you wish to apply from within the United States or at a port-of-entry. This form will require information regarding your identity, background, travel history, and reasons why you seek protection in the United States.

You may also submit supporting documents such as photographs & evidence of persecution back home as part of this application, such as identity documents and evidence showing persecution or fear of persecution if you were returned your home country.

  • Going Through Your Interview Process

After receiving your application package, USCIS sets up interviews at local offices where applicants are interviewed on their applications’ claims about being persecuted or fearing persecution upon return to their countries of origin. Though having an Asylum lawyer NYC is not required during your interview, but those applicants who have experienced immigration lawyers with them are significantly more likely to have successful asylum applications.

  1. Participating In Court Hearings & Decisions On Cases by Immigration Judges: During court hearings in front of immigration judges regarding credible fear, interview outcomes based on alleged acts committed against them back home, applicants testify during court proceedings relating their individual stories that show how they would suffer serious harm/persecution if forced repatriation were required.
  2. Work With An Experienced  Asylum Lawyer NYC: To apply for Asylum, working directly with experienced attorneys who specialize in asylum law may likewise provide significant benefits over using DIY methods instead. There are many benefits to working with a knowledgeable Asylum lawyer NYC when filing for asylum. They can help ensure that your application is filed correctly the first time and provide you with guidance throughout the entire process. With their expertise, you can be confident that you will reach your desired legal status.

At the Law Office of Gehi and Associates, we understand that the immigration process can be complex and confusing. Our team of experienced Asylum lawyers NY will work tirelessly to get the best possible outcome for you, whether your case is simple or complex. If you’re considering applying for asylum or have had a previous asylum application denied, contact experienced Asylum lawyers NY such as our law firm. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

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