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How To Make Your Asylum Case Stronger

How To Make Your Asylum Case Stronger

As you go through the asylum application process or consider applying, it’s common to feel concerned about the possibility of being granted asylum in the United States. You may be wondering how to prepare your success case best and have numerous questions running through your mind.

Whether you’ve already submitted an asylum application or are contemplating it, it’s understandable to be apprehensive about the outcome. A successful asylum process requires careful preparation, detailed documentation, solid evidence, and content about the situation in the country.

It is not enough to show that the situation at home is worse. However, with the right legal support, the asylum process can be quicker and easier. This blog will provide a few strategies to enhance your chances of a successful outcome on your asylum application.

Would you like to improve the strength of your asylum case?

For starters, an individual applying for asylum must demonstrate that they meet the refugee definition as defined by the Immigration and Nationality Act (I.N.A.). According to the Act, you must prove that you cannot return to your home country because you were persecuted there or fear persecution there in the future. (See 8 U.S.C. § 1158.)

The applicant must also demonstrate that they are not disqualified from obtaining asylum as outlined in the Immigration and Nationality Act. It is essential to carefully review the legal requirements for asylum and ensure you meet them all.

This involves confirming that your application includes sufficient information about your race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, tribal and clan membership, or political affiliations and how you were (or would be) harmed or threatened due to a “protected ground.”

Also include names of people and places and dates when relevant. If you cannot remember specific dates, try to include the month and the year (if you can remember them accurately). Do not try to guess any details you cannot remember.

Strategies for Improving Chances of Qualifying for Asylum

The United States has a rich heritage of granting asylum to individuals who have escaped their homelands due to persecution. Although the process can be demanding, the encouraging news is that meeting the refugee criteria and presenting a compelling argument can substantially enhance the probability of obtaining asylum.

A huge plus would be commencing the application process with an experienced asylum lawyer NYC or asylum lawyer Queens. There exist numerous methods to strengthen your asylum petition in the United States they include the following;

  • Have a Strong Account of your Personal Story

Crafting a credible personal narrative is essential in strengthening an asylum case. For example, some individuals have undergone torture, rape, or persecution due to their race, religion, political opinions, or affiliation with a specific social group. In contrast, others have fled their homes due to natural disasters or violence.

Your reasons for seeking refuge in another country may differ, but it’s crucial to present them convincingly. This entails providing a clear and consistent account of your identity, the reasons for leaving your home country, and the potential risks you face if you return. To achieve this, you must be able to recount your story succinctly while highlighting why you qualify for asylum.

Additionally, when describing your story, it’s critical to be as specific as possible, including dates, names, and other pertinent details. This can be challenging, particularly for those who have experienced traumatic events that may make it difficult to recall all the information accurately.

Additionally, some asylum seekers may be concerned about revisiting past traumas or divulging sensitive information during their testimony. As such, it’s important to identify key points that must be shared and prepare thoroughly in advance.

  • Gather Evidence

Having a credible story alone is not enough; it is also essential to have documentation that supports your account of persecution. To strengthen your asylum case, you must provide evidence supporting your claim for protection.

Evidence can include documents such as police reports, birth certificates, medical records, witness statements, and other relevant documents that support your case. You should also provide personal information and testimony that detail your experiences and explain why you need protection.

You should gather as much evidence as possible to support your case. Ensure that you comprehensively record the grounds for your asylum request, presenting a detailed account of why you cannot or refuse to return to your country of origin. Additionally, furnish all the available proof to substantiate your asylum application.

This includes submitting documentation that confirms instances of mistreatment, oppression, or victimization you experienced due to your ethnicity, race, religion, political views, nationality, or association with a particular social faction.

An asylum lawyer NYC or asylum lawyer Queens can easily help you navigate the documentation compilation in order of importance.

  • Get an experienced asylum lawyer in New York

If you are attempting to obtain asylum in the United States, there are numerous resources available to aid you in constructing a solid case. The most reliable method of achieving success is to consult with a qualified immigration attorney NYC or immigration attorney Queens with strong familiarity with asylum grants, who can provide assistance with every phase of the process.

Seeking the assistance of a professional immigration lawyer who’s an asylum application expert can help ensure that your case is presented in the best possible way. An asylum lawyer NYC or asylum lawyer Queens can help you to understand the asylum process, advice you on the evidence required to support your case, and help you to prepare your application.

We at Gehi and Associates have over 30 years of legal experience in immigration services, with a close to 96% approval rate.

  • Keep Copies of All Documentation

Throughout the asylum process, you should keep copies of all documentation related to your case. This includes copies of your application, evidence, correspondence with immigration officials, and any other relevant documents. Keeping copies of all documentation will help you track your case’s progress and ensure that you have all the necessary information to present a strong case.

Additionally, furnish all the available proof to substantiate your asylum application. Finally, provide as much evidence as possible to support the asylum claim. In other words, include documentation showing that you faced persecution in your home country or have already been harmed because of your race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group.

This includes submitting documentation that confirms instances of mistreatment, oppression, or victimization you experienced due to your ethnicity, race, religion, political views, nationality, or association with a particular social faction. To be safe, consulting with an asylum lawyer NYC or asylum lawyer Queens will save you a lot of hassle with compiling the relevant documentation.

  • Be Honest

One of the most important aspects of making your asylum case stronger is, to be honest. Your case will be evaluated based on the information you provide, and any inconsistencies or false information can undermine your case. Therefore, be truthful about your experiences and provide accurate information about your background, circumstances, and reasons for seeking asylum.

Discretionary Factors Asylum Officers and Immigration Judges Consider When Deciding an Asylum Case

When deciding an asylum case, asylum officers and Immigration Judges in the United States may take into account discretionary factors, in addition to the factors that define a “refugee” and any applicable bars to obtaining asylum. These discretionary factors may include:

  • Whether you used false documents to enter the U.S.
  • Whether you have the option to return to a safe country
  • Your age, health, and family ties in the U.S.
  • Any minor crimes you may have committed
  • The severity of the persecution you have experienced

If you believe that any of these discretionary factors work in your favor, be sure to mention them in your asylum application.

Getting Legal Assistance

Obtaining legal assistance can increase your chances of receiving asylum. A skilled immigration attorney NYC or asylum lawyer NYC can assist you in emphasizing the strongest aspects of your case, addressing any unfavorable information, organizing necessary paperwork and supporting evidence, preparing you for testimony, and appearing alongside you at either the Asylum Office or in Immigration Court.


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