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Every law student has heard of the term ” Legal blogs ” during their University days with utter awe and wonder. Any student who was acquainted and thorough with legal blogs was considered to be an exemplar in their institution. 

And for the best reasons. Occupying and educating oneself with thought-provoking and enlightening blogs helps a person associated with the legal field to be updated about recent industry news, developments in decisions, legal trends, innovations, etc.

As Immigration attorneys in New York, we are aware of the massive importance of daily news updates for our law firm formalities and law practice. Researching with the help of legal blogs aids in a better understanding of the areas of law and the critical discussions in the legal industry, and it can also help the person establish their own opinions and stance better.

By reading legal blogs, law students can partake in legal blogging themselves or write research papers to boost their future curriculum. However, finding the perfect legal blogs can be time-consuming and even bewildering.

So we have curated a list of some of the best legal blogs we, as attorneys ourselves, suggest you refer to, which cover multiple areas of Legal Practice and update all the trending discussion topics. 

  • ABA Journal

If we are talking about legal blogs, the American Bar Association Journal law blog must be the first to be mentioned. A journal worth bookmarking by every legal professional, this blog consistently analyses more than 4,000 legal blogs curated by expert lawyers and professionals in law themselves. And with an outstanding team of writers and editors, there are news tips, blogs, and voices from every corner possible.  

  • LexBlog

A legal blog community consisting of more than 30,00 blog publishers worldwide, LexBlog is one of the most popular legal blogs sworn upon by some of the most proficient professionals in this industry. It keeps the old readers hooked and captures the attention of the new readers swiftly. And if you are inclined towards understanding business, this blog is a winner for them. 

  • Legal Mosaic

There is no place to deny that Legal Mosaic is one of the best legal blogs around. With a profound experience of 40 years, it serves a varied range of readers with the right philosophical approach. It simplifies difficult pieces by painting a picture with crystal clarity for legal professionals to understand, posing fundamental questions, riding debates, and encouraging inspiration in the hearts of the readers. 

  • Jurist

A public service project run by almost 80 law students across 5 continents at a count of 30 law schools. Sounds marvelous, right? The writers here analyze essential, trending topics in the industry, articulating opinions about emerging and concerning issues.

As most Jurist team members are young law graduates, students, or professors, the blog features an enlightening and refreshing academic take on legal matters of discussion. The best part of this legal blog? It has no subscription burden, and it is a nonprofit organization. 

  • Law360

Law360 is one of the most trusted news sources for law professionals and government officials. It features articles varying from Immigration and Citizenship law to Intellectual Property to Criminal to Ethics to Securities and Employment, all with swift and updated coverage within 24 hours, which is why plenty of professionals consume the content religiously. 

This is just a portion of the long list of impeccable legal blogs a professional or a researcher can look up. And as a law firm with 50+ years of combined experience as immigration lawyers, we always encourage avid research about the industry. On a factual note, blogs can surely give you information from an academic perspective.

But for details with respect to legal practice and practical queries, it is best to contact attorneys and law practitioners. At the law offices of Gehi and Associates, our immigration attorneys are equipped to deal with legal issues with substantial experience, thereby having the ability to provide you with high-quality legal services as per your requirements.

For more information, you can directly call our law office or email the addresses below.

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