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If you’re like most individuals, you dream of becoming a citizen of the United States; hiring a Citizenship Attorney in NYC can be the quickest route to that goal. There are several benefits to obtaining US citizenship, including the right to vote, the ability to travel with a US passport, and the opportunity to assist family members in migrating to the country. However, the path to citizenship is sometimes lengthy and difficult; hence, a Citizenship Attorney in Queens can help you with your naturalization process.

To be eligible for naturalization, lawful permanent residents (LPR) must complete a number of requirements, including the following:

  • Continuous U.S. residence for at least five years as well as at least three months in a state
  • LPR status for three to five years, depending on the circumstances of the case
  • Basic English language skills, such as reading, writing, and comprehension
  • Basic knowledge of U.S. history, civics, and the constitution
  • Good moral character

Age, marital status, medical issues, military status, and family relationships are just a few factors that may have an impact on the application process. Your Citizenship Attorney in Brooklyn can help you gather each of the documents required to complete your particular adjustment of status application.

You can become a citizen of the United States in one of three ways:

  • Naturalization
  • Certificate of Citizenship
  • Passport Applications

Having a lawyer assist with your citizenship application can help you identify what path to citizenship is best for you. Depending on your existing non-immigrant status or relationship to a U.S. citizen, different documents and evidence may be required; engaging with a Citizenship Attorney in NYC can help ensure that the necessary forms are correctly filled out and submitted in a timely way, regardless of the path to citizenship you must seek.

There are several factors that must be met in order to be eligible to naturalize, andwe at Gehi & Associates can evaluate your immigration and criminal history

to determine your eligibility, help you prepare a solid naturalization application, and prepare you for your interview. It is important to work with a Citizenship Attorney in Queens when considering naturalization, as filing for naturalization with a negative immigration or criminal record may not only result in a denial of your application but may also threaten your lawful permanent resident status.

At your naturalization interview, you will be required to answer questions about your application and background, and you will also have to take an English and civics test unless you qualify for an exemption or waiver. Our Citizenship Attorney in Brooklyn will assist you with the application process and prepare you for the naturalization examination.


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You can become a citizen in the US by birth, or through the naturalization process.
You have to obtain and duly complete the Form N-400 and/or other appropriate naturalization forms to the appropriate USCIS Center.
No. Generally, your economic situation does not bar a lawful permanent resident from naturalizing if you meet the requirements for naturalization.
Although this might raise some concerns, it generally will not bar you from applying for naturalization.

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