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DACA Protection: Young Undocumented Folks Still Face Uncertainty

DACA Protection Young Undocumented Folks becoming protected by the Supreme Court was a big win for undocumented young people. The threat was clear: the deportation of nearly 700,000 undocumented workers and students. This peril is no longer as threatening.

In the short term, DACA Protection Young Undocumented Folks has protected countless young lives from being deported. But in the long term, much in the way of work still needs to be done. For instance, this ruling does not stop the Trump administration from being able to decide to dismantle DACA in the long run.

Experts say that such a dismantlement cannot be done before November, but if Trump is reelected, that is plenty of time to make another attempt at dismantling DACA.

That is to say, DACA’s protections are not permanent at the moment. The ruling was that Trump unjustly ended DACA and an undoing of that end. But even with this undoing, it is within the federal government’s power to deport and make it difficult to work for individuals who are young and undocumented.

Likewise, when Trump rolled back DACA, many undocumented individuals could not apply for protection and are still vulnerable to deportation.

Joe Biden has said that if elected, he would make DACA protections permanent. Hence, the importance of voting if you are passionate about keeping DACA.

Attorney Ad: Prior results do not guarantee future outcomes.

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