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Essential Questions a Divorce Attorney In NYC Will Ask You

Essential Questions a Divorce Attorney In NYC Will Ask You

Divorce can be a challenging and costly experience, particularly without legal counsel. A New York City divorce attorney can be a valuable asset if you are preparing to divorce or have been served with divorce papers. Divorce lawyers in NYC often offer divorce attorneys free consultation.

You can take advantage of such to put you on the right track further. For a fact, statistics show that hiring a divorce attorney gives the best outcome possible with a higher likelihood of settlement. The consultation session will help the attorney understand your situation better.

Your initial meeting with a divorce lawyer in NYC can be emotionally challenging. It is completely normal to feel anxious, worried, upset, or stressed before the meeting. Preparing for the meeting can help reduce this emotional strain.

Your NYC divorce lawyer will ask you certain questions. Think about these questions ahead of time and prepare your answers. We shall set out some of the essential questions to consider and prepare for when meeting with your divorce lawyer.

Essential Questions

During a scheduled consultation session, there are several questions a divorce lawyer in NYC can possibly ask you. This is to help the divorce lawyer in NYC assess your needs and the appropriate legal steps to be taken. Preparing for a consultation session with a divorce lawyer in NYC, below are some essential questions to have in mind:

Basic information

Here, the divorce lawyer will ask basic questions during your first meeting. These include questions regarding your name, date of birth, immigration status, and Social Security number and those of your spouse. Other relevant questions are those about your date of marriage, address, and the name of your employer, etc.

Why do you want a divorce?

There are several reasons why a person may want to file for divorce. It is important you clearly identify the reason why you want a divorce. This will help your divorce lawyer in NYC consider the best route to apply the law to meet your needs.

What is the current situation in your marriage (Divorce Attorney In NYC)?

This is an important question asked once a divorce attorney discovers that you still cohabit with your spouse you intend to divorce. The essence of this question is to determine whether you are subject to any form of abuse. It will also help the divorce lawyer know if there are minor children in the marriage.

This will determine whether matters of child custody will be an issue during the divorce proceedings. The divorce lawyer in NYC may also require information about the value of the marital home. This information will be helpful for the distribution of assets during the divorce proceedings.

Questions About Finances

This may be as simple as asking you about your employment status and those of your spouse. The divorce lawyer in NYC may also require information about your monthly income and those of your spouse.

This information will be useful in issues of spousal support. Some of the questions your divorce attorney could ask you during the consultation are:

  1. Was there a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement between you and your spouse?
  2.  What properties do you own in your name?
  3. Are there any joint properties? Does your spouse own properties in their name?
  4. Do you or your spouse operate any investment account individually or jointly?
  5. Do you or your spouse have any retirement accounts?
  6. Who oversees finances in the marriage?
  7. Do you think your spouse may have some hidden assets? Do you and your spouse own a business jointly?
  8. Are you or your spouse bankrupt or under significant debt?
  9. Do you intend to request for maintenance or spousal support?

Other general questions that your divorce attorney in NYC could ask are:

  1. Did the marriage have any impact on your career prospects?
  2. What is the approximate cost of your children’s expenses? In your response, consider the cost of your children’s education, activities, healthcare, and other expenses.
  3. Would you like to resolve issues through mediation?
  4. Was there any addiction in the marriage? This might be drug addiction, addiction to alcohol, or any other kind of addiction.
  5. What documents or evidence do you have to support your claims?
  6. What do you expect from the divorce proceedings?
  7. What is your budget for legal fees?

Generally, your response to these questions will help your divorce lawyer know what case to present for you.It is, therefore, important to be transparent and honest when responding to these questions.

It is preferable to have a written synopsis of your responses to some of these questions. This will guide you during the consultation session with your divorce lawyer in NYC. Try to gather documents that support your claims as much as you can.

Need Further Guide?

Do you need further guidance on how to engage in the divorce process? Take advantage of the divorce attorney free consultation at Gehi & Associates.

The divorce lawyers at Gehi & Associates can patiently guide you through the relevant questions under a comfortable atmosphere. Get started with us TODAY.

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