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Immigrant Visas

SD Visa
Visa Types

Are you a foreign citizen who is also a religious worker? Do you want to come to live and work permanently in the U.S. on an immigrant visa? If “Yes” is your answer to both of the questions above, then you might qualify for the SD visa (the immigrant visa for religious workers)!

Investor’s Green Card
Visa Types

Are you a foreign national who would like to invest a large amount of money in the U.S.? Do you want to become a permanent resident of the U.S.? If you answered “Yes” to both of the questions above, then the investor’s green card is a strong possibility for you!

Greencard for Registered Nurses
Visa Types

Are you a nurse who would like to practice your profession in the U.S.? Are you a nurse intending to come to the United States and obtain a “green card”? If “Yes” is your answer to the above questions,

Adopting a Child From a Foreign Country
Visa Types

Are you an American citizen considering the adoption of a child from a foreign country? If your answer is “Yes,” this chapter has been written primarily for you! As a father who has adopted a child from a foreign country

Family-Based Immigration
Visa Types

Are you an immediate relative—a spouse, a minor child, an unmarried child, or parent—of a U.S. citizen or green card holder?

Are you a married son or daughter (or a spouse or a minor child of theirs) of a U.S. citizen?

Are you a brother or sister (or a spouse or a minor child of theirs) of a U.S. citizen?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, this chapter might provide you with the information you need.

Diversity Visa Program
Visa Types

Are you looking for information on the Green Card Lottery? Are you trying to gain permanent residency in the United States through the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (Green Card Lottery)? If you answered “Yes” to either of the questions above,

Battered Spouses, Children, and Parents
Visa Types

Are you a foreign citizen being abused by a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident while living in the U.S.? Do you need to get away from this abuser without their knowledge? If you answered “Yes” to the above questions, then you might be eligible for the battered spouse,

Political Asylum
Visa Types

Are you in fear of persecution in your home country because of your race, religion or membership in a social group? Do you fear future persecution in your home country because of your political views or membership in a particular social group?

EB Visas
Visa Types

Do you have a desire to live permanently in the U.S. based on your employment skills, abilities, training, experience, or field of expertise? If your answer is “Yes,” then this is a chapter you will want to read, as it covers important information for you to

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Visa Bulletin

Do you know where to look to check your place in the immigration visa queue?

Do you know how to determine whether or not visas are currently available to immigrants from your country in your particular classification?

Generally, immigration in the United States is based on a quota system, allowing numerical limits to various immigrant classifications. The monthly Visa Bulletin serves as a guide for issuing U.S. consulates and embassies visas.

To receive a family-based or employment-based immigrant visa, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) must first approve the petition filed by you or filed on your behalf. In some immigrant categories, more foreign nationals want visas than are available for a particular country. Therefore, the approval of an immigrant visa may be a very lengthy process in some situations. If, however, a foreign national’s immigrant visa petition is approved, they can become a permanent resident of the U.S.

Our Immigration Specialist, Are Here To Help You.

American immigration law is very complex, and with regular updates and constant development in the legal system, immigration law becomes even more complicated. It is difficult for a person to understand the law in detail; our team’s goal is to ensure customer happiness and satisfaction.

Our highly–trained immigration lawyers provide the most credible and accurate solution on family-based immigration, employment-based immigration, complex federal immigration litigation, deportation cases, and severe other immigration matters.

Moreover, our 20 years of experience in immigration law, Gehi & Associates has worked on thousands of immigration cases, not only individuals but businesses and corporations with all their immigration needs.

Immigration Lawyers

Don’t feel overwhelmed. Immigration Law is Complicated; Gehi & Associates will be supporting you every step of the way!

Immigration law is intricate, and regulations are constantly changing; as a result, it can become more challenging. Our dedicated immigration attorneys in New York City continuously stay current with the changes and provide the best solution to our clients. We have worked on all American immigration and citizenship law areas to provide expert advice in all immigration matters.

Gehi & Associates has helped countless families resolve removal cases, including detention. Have a relative or friend is in immigration custody or is facing deportation? The attorneys at Gehi & Associates can assist you in obtaining an immigration bond, most importantly, while fighting for your green card before the Immigration Judge or even successfully fighting for your rights in federal court. We handle H-1B visas, labor certificates, L-1 visas, in addition to employment-based cases.

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We use our experience to provide you with a specific solution for your case, which offers you the most chance to succeed. Our full-service immigration team is ready to assist you today with all immigration matters, for instance, help with visas, citizenship, green cards, naturalization applications; In other words, get expert legal help with amnesty, asylum, deportation, lottery admissions.

Our team of immigration attorneys can assist you in simplifying your immigration process. Contact us now to book a free in-personal, phone, or virtual consultation to discuss your immigration options.

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