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Here to say hello to the only majority-Hispanic county in the Northeastern part of the United States, introducing Gehi and Associates.

We, the Immigration attorneys of Bronx, offer FREE CONSULTATION services and to answer some of the most asked queries about Free Consultation services, we ardently encourage our clients to make the Highly Experienced use of their time during their session with the immigration attorneys to talk about their case wholeheartedly. That helps in the establishment of effective communication and it can help clear the doubts of our clients as well as give us ample information for us to advocate the case. We appreciate it when clients talk about their case as much as they can during their session or on phone or video conference calls and explain in detail about the beginning of their situation and where it stands now.

We also advise our clients to inform and carry all the documentation pertaining to their case which they believe will be helpful and from there, we will guide you accordingly about the requirements, possible outcomes, each of our abilities, timelines and what and how they should prepare to move forward.

At this law firm, we cater to every legal problem that falls within the ambit of :

Immigration and Citizenship Law : Related to residency, citizenship requirements, green card facilities etc, Immigration and Citizenship Law also is segregated into Deportation processes and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and other processes, Entry to the United States, applying for citizenship in the States and acquiring Green Card and Permanent Residence in the United States.

Divorce & Family Law : The legal process in which two persons are separated from their marital union to each other by a judge or other authority. It restores their status of single hood and permits them to tie knots with other individuals. In the United States, marriage and divorce are included in the jurisdiction of state governments and not the federal government.

Issues of spousal support, child custody, child support, distribution of property and division of debt also ensues from this law of separation.

Bankruptcy Law : Bankruptcy law is laid down for three purposes basically: (1) to find solutions to collective action problems among creditors when dealing with an insolvent debtor, (2) to serve a “fresh start” to overburdened, individual debtors overburdened and (3) to safeguard and preserve the going-concern value of firms in financial struggle through reorganisation and avoiding liquidation.

Criminal Law : As recognised as the ” opposite” of Civil law, this distinguished area deals with a system of laws focused on punishment of individuals committing crimes. In a criminal prosecution involving the government , an individual is decided to be published  for either an act or an omission.

Personal Injury : This stream of Tort law Personal injury law is designed to protect the individual or their property when injured or jeopardised because of someone else’s action or failure to act. In a successful case of Personal injury, the one who caused the harm compensates the one who suffered the loss.

Wage & Hour : Dealing with a major spectrum of Labour law, this stream concerns the divisions of hours for each labour and the remuneration they deserve.

As The Bronx NY has significantly developed over the years, each of the experiences of our attorneys here have developed and enhanced over the years too. Here at Gehi and Associates, a firm of immigration lawyers of New York look after the legal disputes and problems of our clients not because of the sake of doing our duties as attorneys but because it is our privilege to be there for our clients during their times of crisis and turmoil. As lawyers with a collective experience of 50+ years, we are well versed with the legal battles that can ensue in the said practice areas.

One of the most important amenities that we provide are services through cloud based management facilities which promise service from every corner of the world by our NY attorneys and paralegals from across the globe.

We not only serve our clients in the court procedures and application processes but we also take care of them by preparing for the interviews, for giving them a conclusive idea beforehand about how the procedures will move forward, what they are to expect, helping them in the accumulation of documentation and assist them in every step that they have to go through while we advocate for their cause diligently. As experienced attorneys, we have been familiar with different kinds of situations thereby, we pose as a confidante as well as an attorney to our clients.

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Our staff speaks the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Creole, African, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Gujarati, and Punjabi.