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Located near Kings County, Brooklyn is one of the most populous boroughs of New York City. And considering the vast diversity of this locality, it is our honour as Immigration lawyers Brooklyn to have our office located in the heart of this borough.

It is the second most populous county both in the state of New York and the United States therefore Gehi and Associates has had the privilege to cater to various kinds of clients resulting in us gathering a varied amount of experience.

On a general note, Immigration law comes with a set of rules and regulations and complex procedures. Hence, it goes without saying that the processes take a considerable and sometimes unpredictable amount of time. But it can be shortened and wrapped up within a reasonable period of time if a proficient immigration attorney is hired. In fact the administrative based immigration procedures are tough to grasp no matter how literate a person is if they do not belong to the legal field. Here at Gehi and Associates, we guide you in understanding the prospects to choose the better options for yourselves and assist you during the complex processes for you to complete them painlessly in every way possible. We diligently take care of the preparation of your paperwork which itself is a long procedure alongside guiding you correctly as to how you can easily accomplish the several steps associated. We also make sure about the collection of data for filling up the forms, preparing the statements and keeping the testimony clear and consistent with a transparent clarity. In addition to these, we also educate our clients accordingly and make sure they are left with no doubts about their own case.

We have often encountered people who have had to go around searching desperately for cost effective services and consultations free of cost owing to lack of enough funds but are in urgent need to find a way out of their misery. Thus, as a team of skilled and kind professionals, we consciously offer our services at an affordable price and one of the most credible features of our firm is that we provide FREE CONSULTATION to our clients.

We make sure to provide excellent legal services with innovative solutions that we constantly educate ourselves with since all the combined years. As a dedicated organization, we not only provide professional service collectively, but we provide access to our Immigration attorneys seven days a week.

In the forefront of Immigration and Citizenship, Gehi and Associates serves clients with consulate consultation services, every kind of visa services : For family, Business, Travel, citizenship by visa programmes, individual visas, etc., Documentation services, Verification services, Immigration work permit services, Immigration Technology services, Immigration Litigation services.

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Immigration law is complex and can be overwhelming. At the Law Office of Gehi & Associates, We can help make sense of it all and work aggressively to resolve your legal issues.

As Immigration lawyers NY, Brooklyn has been one of the most rewarding locations since the inception of our practice and it has consistently been so through the 50+ collective years of experience. And as experienced attorneys, we make sure to look after our clients not just with professionalism but the right sense of empathy and understanding. We promise our clients not just interaction and consultation face to face or via emails and phone calls but we also offer services through cloud based software technology which results in us having the opportunity to help our clients from every corner of the globe with utmost sincerity and splendid work ethics.

  • We DO NOT make our clients sign blank applications, petitions or other paperwork.
  • We DO NOT sign documents that our clients fail to understand. Rather we explain every detail to them.
  • We DO NOT sign documents that contain false statements or inaccurate information.
  • We DO NOT keep original documents of our clients.
  • We DO NOT take payments from our clients without sending a receipt.
  • We obtain copies of all documents prepared or submitted for our client.
  • We let our clients verify any of our representative attorneys or accredited representative’s eligibility who are to represent them without any hesitation.
  • We take care of our clients’ comfort and security.

Brooklyn being one of the most accessible boroughs, our office can easily be reached owing to the extensive public transportation facilities. It includes nineteen New York City Subway services and some of the major stations namely: Atlantic Avenue – Barclays Center, DeKalb Avenue, Jay Street – MetroTech, Coney Island – Stillwell Avenue, Broadway Junction.

All Languages Spoken

Our staff speaks the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Creole, African, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Gujarati, and Punjabi.