Gehi and Associates is the Highly Experienced Immigration Attorney in Long Island

Gehi & Associates, an internationally recognised Immigration law firm consisting of Immigration Lawyers New York with more than 50 years of combined experience in complex matters of Immigration and Citizenship :

Deportation Defence, Visa Petitions, Green Cards, Family petitions, Political Asylum, Adjustment of Status, Non Immigrant Status, Appeals, Review petitions, Employment based Residence; Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, Labor Law, and Matrimonial and Family law. Along With our other branches at Jamaica, Ozone Park and Jackson Heights, we are now here at Long Island!

Our Principal Immigration Attorney : Naresh Gehi, is an accomplished lawyer and he has been featured in spectacular platforms like CNN, ABC World News with Brian Ross, Fox News ,Ask The Experts panel at the American Immigration Law Association and the Forbes magazine. Besides, his articles have adorned The New York Times. A fierce advocate of justice, he has a profound knowledge and a benevolent nature which is one of the most notable reasons as to why we have been helping our clients with utmost diligence. Long Island Immigration Attorney Naresh Gehi had published a book too which is recognised by the name “Immigration For Everyone.”

In addition to immigration law, our Immigration Attorneys of Long Island are not just experienced practitioners but also benign individuals who actively help not only in the casework concerned but also in settling in the mind frame of fighting a legal dispute and being comfortable during the complex procedure. We surely assist our clients during their interviews but prior to that, we fully prepare them with the highly experienced of our 50+ years of combined knowledge , calm them as we are aware of how the cut-throat legal procedures can tense clients, analyse their situation and help them avoid any kind of inconvenience and injustice. Therefore we have not only been a confidante to the locality of Long Island but to our previous clients in a way that we are further referred to others. We can proudly say that we have also been further referred by several notable judges and fellow Long Island Immigration attorneys. We have made a name here to be there for you better.

As to why you should choose us, we will not cite reasons but we can state the benefits of our FREE CONSULTATION which are as follows :

As Long Island Immigration attorneys with 50+ years of combined experience, we have a wide understanding about the United States legal system. We are equipped in helping immigrants and their families obtain the right to inhabit, work and enjoy their rights of residency in the United States. We are more aware of the system than others thereby, we are able to rightly provide expert guidance regarding your distressing situation. Talking to us will thus prove to be essential. We can provide you with the most appropriate insight into complex processes such as green card applications, deportation hearings, and fiancé(e) visas.

Through our free consultation, we can review your case thoroughly and as trained immigration attorneys, can help you in gathering the correct materials and documents. Therefore, we request you to bring any and all materials with respect to your case to your free consultation with us. It will include any legal paperwork : affidavits, court dates,calendars as well as any other physical records or items of importance pertaining to your situation. And from there we can accordingly guide you.  The more information we acquire from you regarding your case the better we Long Island immigration attorneys can cater to your case.

We make sure to educate you about your options during the Free consultation. In order to be aware of all the options to be available to you, it is necessary for you to consult a trained immigration attorney certified by your state’s bar association. Without a consultation from a licensed immigration attorney, there is always a risk of jeopardising your future due to the ensuing dispute by going the wrong path. We will unbiasedly give you a cost estimation for the lawyer services : cost of hiring the law firm to provide you with counsel for protecting your rights and guide you throughout. Hence, we expect equal cooperation from our clients as we do not compromise on our quality and we dedicatedly assign experienced and courteous immigration attorneys with successful case histories.

As Long Island Immigration attorneys, we not only provide services in Long Island but also in nearby areas of Jamaica, Ozone Park, Brooklyn, The Bronx, etc.

For transportation facilities, you can opt for Port Jefferson Branch and Ronkonkoma Branch.

All Languages Spoken

Our staff speaks the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Creole, African, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Gujarati, and Punjabi.