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About Gehi & Associates: Immigration Attorney Queens

Highly Experienced Immigration & Nationality Law Attorneys

Several Decades and Many Accolades of Experience as Immigration Attorney Queens, Naresh Gehi and his team are here to help.

Gehi & Associates is a highly reputable law firm that specializes in highly complex immigration cases. Gehi & Associates Immigration Attorney Queens has attorneys in three New York City locations, and our attorneys are licensed to practice immigration law in all 50 U.S. states. Legal professionals, including but not limited to attorneys, police officers, and assistant district attorneys, have often recommended Gehi & Associates to individuals in need of immigration representation.

Gehi & Associates has represented attorneys sponsoring relatives, families of government officers, families of the NYPD, U.S. military, UN employees, and other individuals in need of superb immigration legal representation.

It is imperative to our firm that we handle your case correctly and leave no stones unturned to get the best results available for you. If you have any questions for us, the best way to reach out to us is through our email.

Email us at, and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as we can.

All of our Attorneys are highly accredited. We have three beautiful locations in Queens, NYC. Jackson Heights, Ozone Park, and Jamaica. We take great pride in serving the Queens community. Immigration law in Queens has been a necessary part of Queen’s prosperity for generations, and we are delighted to be a part of that growth.

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