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Why Do You Need An Immigration Attorney? 

Why Do You Need An Immigration Attorney?

Immigration law in the United States is extremely complex. Hiring a lawyer can often save you resources and time and eradicate your frustration or confusion. Are you looking for someone, preferably an Immigration attorney in Brooklyn, to advocate on your behalf when it comes to inhabiting the states, relocating to the United States, or avoiding deportation?

Gehi and Associates, a law firm with 50 years of combined experience, has an Immigration attorney, Baldwin, who assists their clients with a variety of issues pertaining to visas, green cards, U.S. citizenship, and other immigration benefits. 

When Is There A Need to Call an Immigration Lawyer

There are several pertinent instances when one can be in severe need of an Immigration attorney Brooklyn. The reasons generally include : 

  1. Uncertainty and bewilderment about the basic eligibility norms for a green card or other immigration benefit concerning obtaining a Green card or permanent residency in the US. 
  2. Receiving government assistance while residing in the United States or being concerned about being able to reside there.  
  3. A request for any kind of discretionary relief, like asylum or a waiver, requires you to convince the immigration authorities to make an exception or give you benefits that they might not normally give to other applicants in your position.
  4. You are having difficulty obtaining a green card, citizenship, or other immigration benefit from the USCIS and have been asked to provide additional evidence.
  5. You have been informed that deportation or removal proceedings are being initiated against you.
  6. You are planning to move to the United States to work for a U.S. employer, but it has not assisted you with the immigration process. 
  7. You want to apply to come back to the United States after being deported.
  8. You have previously been denied an immigration application.
  9. You are attempting to enter the United States or safeguard yourself from removal from the country because you have been convicted of or have committed a criminal offense.
  10. You have thoroughly reviewed the application process and found that the number of forms and documents you need to prepare is either too complicated or takes too much time to handle independently.
  11. You are applying for an investment-based visa.

These are some of the most crucial reasons why you might need to consult with an immigration attorney in Brooklyn, but for personal convenience, there are countless other possibilities and situations that call for a consultation with an Immigration attorney in Brooklyn, Long Island, Woodhaven, Corona, Bronx, or Manhattan.

 Choose the Right Lawyer for Your Immigration Case. But How? 

Before choosing an Immigration attorney Brooklyn to represent you, you must meet with and consult multiple attorneys. You should remember that it is needed to consult someone who has handled cases similar to yours before. Numerous immigration attorneys concentrate on particular areas, such as Immigration, Deportation, or Asylum. 

Even if you currently reside in another country, you can consult an Immigration attorney Brooklyn in any state because immigration law in the United States is federal. 

What You Should Expect When Meeting With a Lawyer

Most migration legal counselors will charge a level expense (frequently around $100) to meet with you and talk about whether and how the attorney could, if you recruited the person in question, help you out. We provide a session of free consultation in the initial stage. 

Personal documents about your immigration situation include your passport, visa(s), I-94, marriage certificate, records of criminal convictions, and any notices from immigration authorities. The Immigration attorney, Brooklyn, will likely ask a lot of questions and take notes.

Following that, they will inform you of the ways to proceed and whether or not you need to produce or apply for any more documents or information. The meeting with an Immigration attorney in Brooklyn is a fine opportunity to discuss your circumstances with clarity and ask relevant questions to clear your doubts.

A client should ensure that the attorney possesses as much information as possible to prevent strategy failures or surprises down the road. The attorney is obligated to protect the confidentiality of the client’s information. However, one must keep in mind that lying on behalf of a client is not the attorney’s job.

Several immigration attorneys charge a flat fee for general cases, such as assistance with a marriage-based green card application. However, the attorney is more likely to charge an hourly rate for less predictable legal services like representation for an immigration court hearing (which could turn into multiple hearings). 

For common cases, such as assistance with a marriage-based green card application, many immigration attorneys charge a flat fee. However, the lawyer is more likely to charge you an hourly rate for less predictable legal services like representation for an immigration court hearing (which could turn into multiple hearings). 

Are you currently a citizen of the United States who is looking into options to find remedies with respect to Domestic Violence? Are you a Battered Spouse? Are you facing issues with your Fiance Visa? Are you in dire need of solutions for your divorce and family law issues?

At the Law Office of Gehi and Associates, we are able to handle any matter related to the above-mentioned issues. Besides featuring  Immigration attorney Brooklyn and providing a comprehensive range of US Immigration expertise, we also provide dedicated services sans charges initially and minimal costs for prospective clients. 

Our other practice areas apart from Immigration are : 

  • Divorce and Family Law
  •  Bankruptcy
  • Criminal Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Wage and Hour.

To generate general legal information on a significant and varied range of legal topics and issues, Gehi and Associates present a series of live Talk shows, ” Green Card with Gehi, ” every Friday on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube by experienced Immigration attorneys.

But if you would like, do not hesitate to contact the law office directly for specific legal advice about your case and situation. Please note that nothing contained in this website or link therefrom shall be regarded as providing legal advice. Please contact us directly for legal advice specific to your situation.  

All pictorial images used in these videos and the website, in general, are licensed stocked images and not portraits, or otherwise, of anyone from Gehi and Associates, nor of its clients, unless otherwise indicated by name. 

At the law offices of Gehi and Associates, our immigration attorneys are equipped to deal with legal issues and have substantial experience. Thereby, it can provide one with high-quality legal services as per the admission requisites.

For more information, you can directly call our law office or send an email to the addresses.

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