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Joe Biden on Immigration Reform

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Under the Trump administration, immigration policy has been ramped up. Before the Trump administration, this trend was already increasing in the United States. For instance, the Obama administration –prior to the Trump administration— deported more people than any administration in U.S. history.

Of course, the Trump administration has drastically superseded the Obama administration in expanding immigration restrictions. For those who really care about the state of immigration in the United States, the domain of politics is extremely important to consider. Your vote matters, especially if you strongly oppose immigration (Immigration Reform)  policy.

If you are extremely against immigration -legal and illegal- then Trump must be your guy.

However, given the fact that immigrants of all sorts are vital pillars to the economy of the United States (as is evidenced by the means of mass production almost wholly being undertaken by immigrants and huge portions of academia being positively influenced by immigrant scientists and professors), one ought to reconsider an anti-immigration perspective.

Hence, a case for Joe Biden. Biden’s immigration policy will be politically to the left of both Obama and Trump. Meaning, less restriction on immigration and less deportation. This has been phrased as a “comprehensive reform.” Which, fundamentally, is a move away from the right-wing immigration policies of the last two decades or so.

A rollback of many anti-immigration sentiments in Washington looks quite likely from a Biden presidency.

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