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No two cases of Divorce, or Dissolution of Marriage, is the same. Each case is different. The complexities that come with a divorce increases especially if the situation involves a long term marriage where property, debt, and children come into the picture. Several factors come into play when seeking a divorce, such as the division of property, allocation of debt, custody of the child or children, and spousal support.

Marriages that have lasted for a brief period of time, on the other hand or marriages that do not involve children or property are considerably less complex when it comes to procuring a divorce. Nevertheless, it is important that you take the right steps, particularly if you are not familiar with the legal system that is in place. Furthermore, the ground of divorce and the laws by which it is governed depends on which state you are from.


Divorce Lawyer NYC

When both the parties are on the same page with regard to the division of property, spousal support, or even the fact that they have both mutually agreed to dissolve the marriage, the course of getting through with the divorce is an easier one, and this is called an uncontested divorce.

A contested divorce on the other hand, can get a little more tricky, as this means that both the parties have not come to an agreement with regard to, for example, the division of property, spousal support, or allocation of debts.

Additionally, if one party has agreed to get a divorce, while the other part has not agreed to get a divorce – this too is an example of a contested divorce. It is worth noting that over the course of your divorce, things can change – for example, what starts out as a contested divorce, can end up turning into an uncontested divorce, and vice versa.

Getting through a divorce can be a particularly trying time – it doesn’t matter if you are dealing with a contested or an uncontested divorce. In order to make the entire process seamless, it is imperative that you get in touch with an experienced divorce attorney.

How can our divorce attorney in NYC help you?

Our lawyers at Gehi & Associates take pride at being experts in our field, but that is not all – we also believe that compassion is a vital characteristic, particularly while dealing with matrimonial divorce cases. So, we take extreme care to ensure that you get through your divorce in the best possible way, resulting in what will be a fair settlement.

We are here to answer any questions you may have on the legal front, so reach out to us at 718-263-5999, so we can help you!

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