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New Book is On The Way

Gehi & Associates strives to help our community in many ways. One of these ways is through education. Part of how we do this is by conducting our weekly webinars for free. Another way we do this is by putting out informative blogs on a weekly basis. We get a lot of great feedback on these free education resources on immigration law.

But, we have also attempted to serve our community through education through our book. Mr. Gehi has written two editions of his book, Immigration for Everyone. In this book –which you can purchase here– principal attorney Naresh Gehi makes all things immigration law comprehensible to ordinary folks. The law is very complicated, so this book is a profoundly useful resource in an often unresourceful field.

Even greater news: we are working on publishing a 3rd edition of the book! The 2nd edition was a revision for the Trump era. Now, the 3rd edition is a revision for the COVID-19 era. We’ve been reporting here the many changes that have been occurring due to the pandemic. The new edition of this book will go into great depth on these changes.

The new book will be released in January 2020. But, for now, keep up with our blog and purchase the 2nd edition of Immigration for Everyone here.

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We are Gehi & Associates. We are NYC/Queens/Brooklyn/Manhattan/Bronx/Staten Island immigration lawyers. We are here to serve our NYC/Queens/Brooklyn/Manhattan/Bronx/Staten Island communities. We do bankruptcy, family/divorce, immigration and all forms of law. Please come to one of our Queens offices. Email us at info@gehilaw.com to set up your free initial personal consultation.

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Table of Contents


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