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If you are having trouble with one of the following, the answer may be yes.

  • Going through a divorce that isn’t amicable.
  • Have entered the country with hopes of permanently living or working here.
  • Are suffering from a personal injury.
  • Going through a bankruptcy.
  • Having trouble getting paid for completed work.
  • Getting unfair treatment at your job.
  • Are a permanent resident, Greencard Holder, non-immigrant visa holder, or undocumented immigrant that is charged or has pleaded guilty or has been convicted of a crime.

For over two decades, Gehi & Associates have fought complex deportation proceedings, assisted people with getting asylum, and helped clients obtain immigrant and non-immigrant visas. Our Team has handled terrorism-related immigration cases, has been a speaker at the American Immigration Lawyers Association, and a panelist on the Ask the Experts Panel at the American Immigration Lawyers Association. In addition, Our principal attorney, Naresh M. Gehi, has been assisting clients all over New York City with their complex immigration matters; additionally, they have appeared in Immigration Court, Federal District, and Circuit Court before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Immigration is just one of our specialties. At Gehi & Associates, we also practice Criminal Law, Bankruptcy, Wage and Hour, Personal Injury, and Matrimonial Law and have over 20 years of experience in law. Take advantage of our free consults to learn more.

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Our staff speaks the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Creole, African, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Gujarati, and Punjabi.

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Proudly Providing Legal Advice & Strategies for Immigration, Criminal Law, Bankruptcy, Wage & Hour, Personal Injury, and Matrimonial Law.

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We use our experience to provide you with a solution that gives you the best chance to succeed with your case. Our full-service legal team is ready to assist you today with all legal matters, for instance, help with ImmigrationBankruptcyPersonal InjuryMatrimonial Law, and more; In other words, get expert legal help now.

Our team of immigration attorneys can assist you in simplifying your immigration process. Contact us at one of our New York law firm locations now to book a free in-personal, phone, or virtual consultation to discuss your immigration options.

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