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  • News-Alert: New Family Reunification Parole Process For Ecuador

News-Alert: New Family Reunification Parole Process For Ecuador

News-Alert: New Family Reunification Parole Process For Ecuador

USCIS announced they are starting a new Family Reunification Parole (FRP) process for Ecuador. This is big news for USCIS, and it could mean we are closer to a total immigration reform. The new process combines legal options with stricter enforcement, which aligns with the immigration goals of the current US administration.

This parole promotes family unity and is part of the changes the DHS and the Department of State announced in April of 2023. If you have been living in Ecuador and are waiting for your immigration visa to be approved. In that case, you may now be able to apply for a once-in-a-lifetime parole in the US and reunite with your family faster.

Also, it is way more secure than being an illegal immigrant. But this immigration can be confusing and complicated. Hence, you need to read this post and talk with an immigration lawyer to help you.

What is the FRP about?

This new FRP for Ecuador is a part of Biden-Harris’ immigration plans. The goal of this plan is to help open up legal immigration options. The goal is to reduce illegal immigration and provide certain Ecuadorians with this immigration relief. This ensures that their loved ones can participate in US legal proceedings.

This will help keep them safe from threats like human smuggling and trafficking. The purpose of the FRP is to connect families and help the US achieve its foreign policy goals. The FRP is also a legal and simple way to stop illegal immigration and cut down on immigration spending in the US.

The goal is to tackle the root cause of people moving out by boosting economic stability and growth through increased remittances.

Who can apply?

To apply for the FRP, you must meet a few requirements. You must have an approved I-130 petition, be out of the US, complete all the necessary screening and vetting, and have no immigrant visa. To get an approved I-130 petition, you must have a family member, either as a green card holder or a citizen in the US.

This program helps some children and siblings of US citizens get travel papers and US admission while waiting for a visa to come through. It also applies to some kids of legal residents living abroad.

The FRP process

The process starts with an invitation sent out by the State Department. This invitation is sent to a relative of the Ecuadorian who is a US citizen or a green card holder. Most invitations are sent by email, but you can get the invitation from the NVC if you do not have an email address.

The invitation will tell you to fill out form I-134A. It is an online request to become a Supporter and a declaration of financial support. Filling out this form is free, and the government does not charge you to get a travel permit or a parole decision. Once USCIS and CBP decide that the sponsor’s income and funds are enough, they will email you what to do next.

You must set up an online account, book a medical checkup, fill out basic biographical info, and take a picture before CBP can sign off on your parole. If your FRP is approved, you will get permission to come to the US and a probationary period of up to three years. Once you are in the US, you can obtain a work permit.

There is no way for family members or people who have been approved for an I-130 petition to ask the State Department for an invitation to this program. But USCIS has devised a way to see if you have been invited by entering your I-130 number here. You must first file a family petition to move to the US under the FRP.

People who are applying may include some of the children and siblings of a US citizen or LPR. The DHS has the free will to give humanitarian parole, like the FRP, to people who are trying to get into the US. They do this case-by-case, but it must be for significant humanitarian or public benefit.

Get Help!

If you have relatives in Ecuador and wish to reunite with them before an immigrant visa is granted, the FRP may be the way for you to go. Getting an FRP is not so easy, even after getting the invitation. This is why you need to talk with an experienced immigration lawyer at Gehi and Associates.

With our help, you will always be ahead in your application process. Contact us now!

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