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AILA Challenges Biden Administration Over Potential Asylum Restrictions in the United States.

AILA Condemns Potential Restrictions on Asylum Seekers

The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) has spoken out against the Biden administration’s reported plans to impose new restrictions on asylum. The association claims such policies could potentially violate both domestic and international law.

The proposals under consideration include:

  • Barring asylum seekers who enter the U.S. between official ports of entry- Currently, individuals have the right to seek asylum regardless of how they enter the country.
  • Raising the bar for “credible fear” determinations during asylum screenings- This would make it harder for asylum seekers to demonstrate a well-founded fear of persecution in their home country.

AILA’s Concerns:

In a letter addressed to the Biden administration, AILA expressed deep concern about the reported plans. They argue that an expulsion policy denying access to asylum would exceed the president’s legal authority under the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Additionally, AILA contends that previous attempts at restricting asylum access through executive action have proven ineffective and resulted in thousands of migrants being left in dangerous situations.

Expected Response:

AILA has vowed to take action against any policy they believe violates existing law. This could include legal challenges, advocacy efforts, and mobilizing their membership base.

Uncertain Future:

The Biden administration has not confirmed the proposed changes. The reports have sparked debate and raised concerns about the future of US asylum policy. Whether the administration will proceed with these plans or seek alternative solutions remains to be seen.

However, AILA’s opposition and the potential legal and humanitarian concerns. They raise concerns that are likely to continue shaping the debate around US asylum policy.



AILA Challenges Biden Administration Over Potential Asylum Restrictions. in the United States

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