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Green Card Backlog Experiences 4% Reduction, indicating Positive Progress

As reported by the National Visa Center (NVC) under the Department of State, there was a notable improvement in the Green Card backlog. The immigrant visa (IV) backlog experienced a positive shift, decreasing by 4% from 304,773 cases in November to 292,105 cases in December.

Moreover, the count of green card applicants with cases that were officially documented and ready for interview scheduling witnessed a slight decrease from 341,392 in November to 337,870 in December, marking a 1% reduction. A case is deemed “documentarily complete” when all necessary forms and documents have been submitted and accepted by the NVC, signifying readiness for interview scheduling.

In a related development, there was an encouraging increase in the number of individuals scheduled for green card interviews. December recorded 45,765 scheduled interviews, demonstrating a notable rise compared to the 36,619 interviews conducted in November.

These positive trends suggest progress in addressing the Green Card backlog and advancing the immigration process for eligible applicants.



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