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U.S. Immigration Fees Set to Increase: What You Need to Know

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is implementing significant fee increases starting April 1, 2024. This marks the first major adjustment since 2016 and is expected to impact various immigration applications across the board, aimed at addressing the agency’s financial challenges.

What’s Changing?

Across the board: Expect an average increase of 20% on various forms, including green card applications, citizenship petitions, and work authorization requests.

Major hikes: H-1B visa registration fees jump from $10 to a whopping $215, impacting employers sponsoring skilled workers. Additionally, eliminating fee waivers for employment authorization and travel documents during green card processing means significantly higher costs for those applicants.

Family-based visas: Petitioning for fiancé(e)s (K-1 visa) and family members (I-130) will see a 26% increase.

Who’s Affected?

Individuals seeking green cards: Whether through family, employment, or investment, expect higher costs throughout the process.

Employers sponsoring foreign workers: H-1B visa registration and application fees significantly increase.

Travelers seeking work authorization or temporary documents: No longer eligible for fee waivers during green card processing, leading to additional costs.

What to Do?

Act before April 1st: If you’re planning to file an application, submit it before the new fees take effect to save money.

Explore alternatives: Consider other visa options with lower fees if applicable.

Seek professional guidance: Immigration attorneys can advise on navigating the new fee structure and strategize your application. At Gehi & Associates, we are equipped with experienced attorneys who would walk you through your journey seamlessly till your American dream becomes reality. Schedule for a free initial consultation today.

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