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NEWS ALERT: USCIS Update Naturalized US Citizen’s Access to Voting 

In March 2021, Biden signed an executive order instructing federal agencies to step up their efforts to register voters. Considering the current state of the voting system in the US, this was a huge step forward. For the first time, the government allowed millions of people to register to vote effectively.

This voting executive order was a great innovation. It calls on federal and state governments to make it easy for people to register and vote.  The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA) was designed to get the government involved in voter registration but was not used much before 2021. 

Biden’s executive order changed that. Many agencies have made it easier for people to learn about voting and voter registration. This is why the USCIS has a guideline to help people register to vote at its events for those just granted citizenship. This guideline has been recently updated.

Here is a bit of what you should know about the update.

What is new?

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has changed its guidelines, making it easier for voters to sign up at their naturalization ceremonies. The updated guidance restates that USCIS will let voters register at each ceremony. It also says that election officials from local or state offices can be invited to help register the new citizens to vote during the ceremony. 

They can also invite government or nonprofit organizations providing voting services to meet with these voters.

The guidance says that USCIS will “encourage and support voting,” remove agency obstacles, and make registering easier. 

USCIS has also added a new N-401 form where nonprofit bodies can submit one application per field office to be part of this process. 

This update is in line with Executive Order 14019. It shows that the USCIS wants to make it simpler for people to get registered to vote, eliminate agency red tape, and help new citizens get registered to vote too. 

Get Help! 

Being a US citizen comes with amazing benefits, including voting rights. This gives you a voice in how things are done in the US. So, do you want to become a US citizen but do not know how to go about it? Do not stress!

Gehi and Associates can help you with all your legal requirements to make your American dream a reality. We have an amazing history of helping our clients reach their goals and go above and beyond what they could have hoped for. Get in touch with us now!

NEWS ALERT: USCIS Update Naturalized US Citizen's Access to Voting

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