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    Personal Injury

    If you or any of your personal property has been harmed, particularly due to the actions or negligence of another person, with the help of Personal Injury Law, there is a possibility for you to get compensated. 

    Also referred to as “tort”, US law has a legal system in place to address instances, where an injured person is compensated if he or she has been harmed. If you are a victim, then the law allows you to file a lawsuit in court, after which, there is a possibility that a legal remedy might be provided.

    New York Personal Injury Attorney

    Personal Injury Lawyer

    No two cases are the same, however, personal injury can primarily be due to intentional or negligent actions. Some of these instances include:

    • An accident, where due to someone’s negligence, you have been harmed.
    • Intentional or deliberate acts, where someone intentionally harms you.
    • Defamation, where a false statement causes harm to your reputation.
    • Injury caused due to the use of a defective product or service, due to which you have been harmed, therefore allowing you to file a lawsuit against the provider of such a service or product.

    Taking the Legal Route After An Injury 

    It is important for you to know that you can opt for a legal course of action, if you have been harmed or injured physically, mentally, or emotionally, due to the deliberate or intentional actions of another party. This also extends to cases of property and reputational damage, caused by any entity, be it a person/s, company, or even a government body. 

    It is crucial for you to know that the sooner you address your situation, the better your chances of being compensated. An experienced Personal Injury Lawyer should be able to handhold you through the entire process, ensuring that you have been compensated for the wrongful deed that you have been a victim of; this way, justice will be served!

    New York City Car Accident Lawyer

    Our lawyers at Gehi & Associates NYC, fully understand the importance of doing right by the client – any loss incurred due to negligence or deliberate acts of another party, should be compensated for, and the success stories that we have to our credit is a testimony of our good work.

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