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    Wage and Hour

    It is only fair that you get paid for the duties you have performed – as an employee, you are entitled to an agreed upon wage, from your employer. Sometimes, however, as an employee you might be subjected to unfair treatment, when an employer refuses to pay the wage you rightfully deserve. This is a violation of the state and federal laws – knowing this, is your first step to getting the justice you need. This is where Wage and Hour Laws come into the picture.

    new york overtime lawyer

    Wage and Hour Laws, simply put, are laws that manage the wage rates an employer can pay employees, and the hours for which an employer must compensate the employees.

    While all Wage and Hour Laws are important, the most well-known are the Minimum Wage Laws and the Overtime Wage Laws. Some of the areas where Wage And Hour Laws are applied include instances of overtime, minimum wage, child labour, meals and break.

    The Wage and Hour laws also cover circumstances such as medical emergencies and sick leave, holidays, and vacations. In addition to the minimum wage laws and overtime laws, a few other Wage And Hour Laws include child labor laws, maximum hours laws, meal and break laws, to name a few.

    What do you do if you are at the receiving end of a Wage And Hour Law violation?

    You might find yourself in a conflicted situation if your employer violates the Wage and Hour Laws. On one hand, you might have the fear of losing your job, on the other hand, it simply is not right to be subjected to unfair treatment. But it is wise to know that these laws were put in place to protect you. Under the law, you can recover your wages from you employer, whether you are in legal status or undocumented in the US. Make sure you consult a wage and hour lawyer to take things forward, the right way.

    New York Overtime Lawyer

    Our lawyers at Gehi & Associates strive to make sure that employees are rightfully paid for the services they have rendered. From documented to undocumented employees in the US, our firm has it all covered – and there is no legal fee until we recover your wages for you.

    Gehi & Associates, a New York based law firm has attorneys at three locations across New York City. If you’re on the lookout for New York overtime lawyers, New York wage and hour attorneys, contact us!

    It is worth noting that our practice areas also include immigration, personal injury, matrimonial, bankruptcy, and more.

    Every dollar earned, is a result of your toil – reach out to us, and tell us your story, so we can fight the battle for you!

    For further information and free initial consultation, speak to our respected wage and hour lawyers in NYC.

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