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Divorce and Family Law

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Divorce and family-related cases are unique and quite delicate, as each legal step proposed to be taken involves a lot of considerations by divorce and family attorneys in NYC. This area of law touches on issues relating to marriage, dissolution of marriage (divorce), custody matters, child adoption, domestic abuse, and other ancillary matters within the coverage of a family law solicitor. At Gehi & Associates, we have a dedicated team of divorce attorneys and experienced family law solicitors who help clients assess their cases and make informed decisions. We also have skilled family court lawyers, who competently represent clients before a family court judge.

Our legal team of divorce & family attorneys in NYC has successfully helped clients navigate through the entire process of handling matters involving matrimonial and family-related issues and concerns such as divorce, distribution of matrimonial property, alimony/spousal support, and child support and custody. 

Our top priority is bringing sterling legal solutions to our clients. At Gehi & Associates, our clients can take advantage of our free consultation sessions. At our consultation sessions with clients, our experienced divorce and family attorneys in NYC gathers relevant information to enable us to assess clients’ situation and appropriately inform them of all available options, and thereafter our family law solicitors develop an action plan (Case Management Strategy) that is in our client’s best interest, and if needed, our family court lawyers proceed to file relevant processes in court and provide sterling legal representation on behalf of our clients in court.

Engaging a top family law firm like ours is crucially important due to the intricacies involved in matrimonial and family cases, which come with their uniqueness depending on the governing laws in our client’s jurisdiction.

Divorce and Family Law

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Getting through a divorce can be a particularly trying time – it doesn’t matter if you are dealing with a contested or an uncontested divorce. To make the entire process seamless, you must contact an experienced divorce attorney.
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