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Protecting the Best Interests of Your Children

Child Custody

When facing a challenging family law issue like divorce, custody, child support, or child visitation, you want expertise on your side; our child custody lawyer will assist you in understanding the process, working toward solutions, and being concerned about your future because divorce is more than simply the formal end of a marriage.

Child custody is perhaps the most contested aspect of any divorce proceeding, and for good reason; it determines how parents will raise their children and can affect a child’s well-being for the rest of their life. Our child custody lawyer takes child custody and visitation cases very seriously; we understand how important a family’s emotional needs are, which is why we emphasize the child’s emotional health in every custody case.

Types Of Custody

  • Legal Custody allows you to make decisions regarding your child’s education, health, and religious upbringing
  • Physical custody dictates how much time the child will spend with each parent; this includes where the child will attend school, how much time each parent spends with the child, and so on

Our highly competent child custody lawyers offer innovative strategies that can transform your present family situation into something new and beneficial.

Child support is a financial payment made by a noncustodial parent to the custodial parent. The payment is intended to help with the child’s care and upbringing. The right child support attorney can have a big influence on your child’s potential quality of life; if the other parent is not paying child support, you need to negotiate child support, or you feel your court-ordered child support is unfair, you need an experienced and dependable child support lawyer to ensure your rights and the rights of your child are actively safeguarded.

What distinguishes Gehi & Associates from other law firms is our experienced child support attorneys, exceptional client service, and ability to take prompt action to settle child support issues. Our firm can assist you at any stage of the process if you need to understand how child support operates and what the child support process entails. The law has consistently stated that a child’s well-being is best protected when both parents are active in his or her life; even in divorce proceedings, state law has established provisions to guarantee that the child gets regular contact with both parents, referred to as child visitation.

In a divorce, the issue of child visitation is delicate since it generally arises from one parent having sole physical custody of the child, which means that the other parent must adhere to a schedule in order to see their child. To accomplish this, visiting often falls into two categories: “reasonable visitation” and “fixed visitation.”

Our attorneys at Gehi & Associates often help men and women who have become incompatible in a relationship; we seek to achieve results that will improve the parent-child relationship, from securing a temporary custody and child visitation order to negotiating the conditions of a parenting plan.


When a court is asked to decide child custody, the judge will consider the child's best interests. The judge will look at factors such as the child's relationship with each parent, the parents' parenting skills, the parents' ability to cooperate, and the child's needs.
Legal custody refers to the right to make decisions about a child's upbringing, such as education, medical care, and religious upbringing. Physical custody refers to the right to have the child live with you.
Visitation, also known as parenting time, is the non-custodial parent's right to spend time with the child.
In exceptional cases, custody can be awarded to someone other than the child's parents if it is determined to be in the child's best interests. This may occur in situations where both parents are deemed unfit.

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