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Contested Divorce

Resolute Advocacy in Contested Divorce Cases

Contested Divorce

Marriage is an important aspect of modern societies such as the United States (US), and due to its centrality, its formation and dissolution have formed part of the deliberations of lawmakers and policy framers. In effect, marriages conducted in compliance with the relevant law must be dissolved in compliance with the law. The Marriage and Family law in the US recognizes that it is not in all cases that parties to a marriage will be in agreement on the divorce-related issues, as one of the parties may strongly contest some or all of the issues (such as alimony, property, child support, and/or child custody). This contestation brings the divorce proceedings under the contested divorce.

A contested divorce can be very traumatizing and challenging, as it often involves intense tension and severe animosity between the parties to the detriment of the children in the marriage (if any), especially where it is a fault-based divorce. However, engaging a contested divorce lawyer can ease the legal process of the contested divorce, by helping to chart a less intense route towards finalizing the divorce process with reduced animosity between the parties, while ensuring the overall interest of clients is protected.

We understand that contested divorce can be time-consuming, however, the duration of the legal process can be minimised when you engage the help of an experienced contested divorce lawyer, who understands the intricacies involved in the legal process of a contested divorce. Contested divorce proceedings are complex, as it is important to identify the basis of the divorce petition and gather the facts to establish the same. Or where you are the Respondent, knowing when and how to file the appropriate answer in response to a divorce petition, and when it is necessary to also cross-petition is very crucial. With the help of a contested divorce lawyer, this shouldn’t be an issue.

At Gehi & Associates, we have a dedicated legal team of divorce lawyers in NYC, who are vastly experienced in handling the intricacies and complexities involved in contested divorce. With our divorce lawyers in NYC, you are sure to get sterling legal solutions and astute legal representation throughout the legal process of the contested divorce.

Our divorce lawyers in NYC have a proven track record of consistently providing sterling legal solutions and astute legal representation to clients involved in a contested divorce with outcomes that exceed our client’s expectations. We are very particular about assessing clients’ situations, which provides us with the requisite facts to identify the relevant legal steps to take in commencing or defending a contested divorce.


Disagreements over child custody, division of property and assets, alimony or spousal support, child support, and visitation rights.
Yes, a contested divorce can be settled outside of court through negotiation, mediation, or collaborative divorce methods.
It is highly recommended to hire an attorney for a contested divorce. The legal complexities, emotional nature, and potential consequences of a contested divorce make professional legal guidance invaluable.
Yes, a contested divorce judgment can be appealed if one or both parties believe that legal errors were made during the trial or if they disagree with the court's decision.

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