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Legal Separation

Marriage related issues have become one of the most topical and litigated issues today, having a vast legal framework dedicated to marriage formation and related issues. Most of those issues relate to instances where there are irreconcilable issues between the parties to the marriage and the marriage seems to be unworkable. When the marriage gets to this point couples generally seek out legal options available to relieve them from their marital obligations either temporarily or permanently.

Legal Separation (also known as ‘judicial separation’) is one of the most common routes which temporarily release couples of their marital obligation under the marriage, while still technically married. Legal Separation is a unique legal proceeding that can be successfully navigated through with the help of a legal separation lawyer. The procedure for legal separation is quite intricate, as there are different types of legal separation that need to be understood before commencing the process. Engaging a legal separation lawyer will better equip you with the needed knowledge about the procedure for legal separation about the different types of legal separation and ease the legal process of the legal separation.

You may be considering legal separation, but don’t know whether it would be appropriate for your situation. Connecting with a legal separation lawyer will be most helpful, as a legal separation lawyer will assess your situation in line with the different types of legal separation to determine the suitability of your situation for legal separation and the type of legal separation that will meet your need.

The procedure for legal separation often involves other issues such as child custody and parenting plan issues, child support, spousal maintenance and other related issues, which could further complicate the process. This is another compelling reason why connecting with a legal separation lawyer is most relevant to resolving these issues and preparing a comprehensive legal separation agreement between the couples.

At Gehi & Associates, our legal separation lawyers are well-positioned and experienced to help you assess the suitability of your situation for legal separation and to guide you through the entire legal process of legal separation with outcomes and legal separation agreements that will be mutually beneficial and keep you satisfied.


In a legal separation, the couple remains married, whereas in divorce, the marriage is legally terminated. Legal separation allows for the resolution of various issues while maintaining certain legal benefits and obligations associated with marriage.
Couples may choose legal separation for various reasons, including religious or personal beliefs that discourage divorce, the desire to retain certain financial or healthcare benefits.
It is advisable to consult with an attorney who specializes in family law. A lawyer can guide you through the process, help protect your rights and interests, and ensure that all legal requirements are met.
Yes, legal separation can be used as a precursor to divorce. It provides couples with an opportunity to experience living separately and navigating issues like child custody.

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