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Uncontested Divorce

Streamlining Uncontested Divorce for a Fresh Start

Uncontested Divorce

We understand that divorce proceedings are quite traumatizing and unexpected, as no one generally contracts a marriage with the intention of an eventual divorce, however, certain circumstances and occurrences could make the marriage unworkable and divorce inevitable. At this point, there could be a heightened level of animosity between the spouse on issues, and in some cases, parties may be in agreement on all of their divorce-related issues. This latter scenario is what is popularly referred to as an uncontested divorce. At Gehi & Associates, our divorce lawyers in NYC have vast experience in navigating through the uncontested divorce process.

Uncontested divorce is not so straightforward to determine, as there are specific requirements that must be met before a divorce can be regarded as Uncontested. The intricacies involved in this determination are better left to the competence of an uncontested divorce lawyer, as these requirements vary from State to State within the United States (US). With our divorce lawyers in NYC, you can never go wrong in making this determination.

The importance of engaging an uncontested divorce lawyer during the course of a divorce proceedings is also made evident by the fact that the uncontested divorce process differs from State to State in the US, and our divorce lawyers in NYC have a wide range of experience in different State in the US and can competently help you through the uncontested divorce process no matter your state of residence within the US.

Involving an uncontested divorce lawyer in the course of negotiating and drafting the settlement agreement will help you secure favorable terms and guarantee that the true intentions between you and your spouse correspond with what is documented in the settlement agreement. The vast experience of our divorce lawyers in NYC in negotiating divorce-related terms and drafting uncontested divorce settlement agreements adequately positions us as the most sorted after uncontested divorce lawyer and divorce lawyers in NYC.

After duly executing the divorce settlement agreement, some States in the US still require that the parties appear before a court at a hearing to respond to a few questions. It is essential to be prepared to answer these questions. There is no better way to prepare than to liaise with our divorce lawyers in NYC to obtain the requisite legal guidance on what to expect at this hearing.


Uncontested divorces tend to be quicker, less expensive, and less emotionally stressful than contested divorces.
An uncontested divorce is not suitable for every situation. If there are significant disagreements between spouses or complex issues to resolve, a contested divorce may be necessary.
In most cases, spouses cannot use the same attorney in an uncontested divorce. It is important for each party to have independent legal representation to avoid conflicts of interest and ensure fair representation.
Generally, an uncontested divorce can be finalized within a few months, provided all the necessary paperwork is completed accurately and filed promptly.

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