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Immigration Law

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It is a well-established norm in modern states, such as the United States of America, that the right to enter, live, work or carry out any other activities within such a country by foreigners is strictly delineated by a body of laws and rules. These bodies of laws and rules are broadly referred to as immigration laws, which define the different types of immigration approvals obtainable, specific requirements for obtaining immigration approvals, and general application procedures.

As a foreigner or an immigrant, these immigration processes can be quite complicated and daunting, and navigating through requisite immigration applications under the US immigration system may present a major challenge, but not to worry – WE ARE HERE FOR YOU – connect with any of our immigration attorneys in NYC

Gehi & Associates is one of the leading immigration law firms in the US, with a legal team of experienced immigration attorneys in NYC and other jurisdictions, and a proven track record of successfully handling the most complex of immigration matters for over twenty years. Our experienced immigration attorneys in NYC offer free consultation and help clients identify the immigration approval that meets their needs, prepare the relevant application and supporting documents, and guide them throughout the entire process. Our expertise cuts across various jurisdictions.

Despite the very complex nature of the US immigration laws, and the regular updates of the US Immigration guidelines, which makes it difficult to understand the law in detail, our NYC immigration attorneys, however, have consistently and successfully helped clients handle complex deportation/removal proceedings, obtain asylum status, different forms of immigrant and non-immigrant visas, Green Cards and citizenship. Take advantage of our free immigration consultation with our NYC immigration attorneys.

Our experienced NYC immigration attorneys provide the most credible and accurate solution on family-based immigration, employment-based immigration, complex federal immigration litigation, deportation cases, and several other immigration matters.

Immigration Law

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