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Temporary Protected Status

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Temporary Protected Status - Immigration Attorney in Hempstead

Countries experiencing hardship, such as a natural disaster, a global epidemic, armed conflict, or other unusual events, may be hazardous and unfit to receive returning nationals. At Gehi & Associates, our TPS Attorney in Queens can help you learn more about TPS and if you are eligible for this benefit. These countries might be designated as having temporary protected status (TPS), which allows individuals from specified countries who are in the United States to stay for a limited time because it is unsafe for them to return home. TPS designations have recently changed; it is important to speak with an experienced TPS Attorney in NYC to understand these changes and how they could affect you. It is important to understand what TPS is and how it can help you, whether you are an immigrant or a family member of an immigrant.

Being eligible for Temporary Protected Status requires that you:

  • You must be a citizen of a country that has been designated temporary protected status, or if you lack nationality, your most recent country of residence must have been one
  • File for TPS within the open initial registration or re-registration period (or qualify for a late initial filing extension)
  • Have been physically residing in the U.S. since the most recent date that your country was granted TPS, with the exception of brief vacations overseas; this is called being continuously physically present (CPP). You must inform USCIS of all of your international travel since the CPP and CR dates when you apply for TPS or re-register for it. USCIS will then determine whether or not you are eligible for the exception
  • Have been continuously residing (CR) in the United States since the date of your country’s most recent TPS designation

 Although TPS does not result in a green card or any other sort of immigration status, it does provide individuals with the opportunity to temporarily live and work in the United States, which is a significant benefit. If a person on TPS becomes eligible for immigrant status, whether by marriage, employment, or otherwise, that individual may apply for the new immigration benefit. Our TPS Attorney in Brooklyn provides open and honest answers to help you understand the process of applying for TPS. Our many years of expertise can direct you to a viable, specific solution to your TPS issue, no matter how complicated your particular TPS issues are.

The Department of Homeland Security designates which countries are eligible for TPS, the duration for which the protection is granted, and the dates and procedures for applying. Currently, countries that are designated under TPS include Venezuela, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Haiti, Nepal, Sudan, Syria, Somalia, South Sudan, Burma, and Yemen. Following that, depending on DHS’s decision, it may be automatically renewed or terminated, and our TPS Attorney in Queens makes it our priority to help with TPS cases.

If you require assistance obtaining protected status under this immigration benefit, we recommend you contact TPS Attorney in Brooklyn; we have assisted several individuals in obtaining TPS status under the Immigration Act of 1990. Our experienced TPS Attorney NYC team is well-versed in immigration law, the procedures, and the requirements for obtaining immigration relief. We understand your situation and the overwhelming task of visa applications and other immigration benefits. Our firm can guide you through the process and oversee it from start to finish.


Yes, you can apply for TPS if you are already in the United States, even if you entered the country unlawfully or overstayed your visa.
Yes, individuals with TPS are eligible to obtain work authorization. Once approved, you can apply for a work permit, commonly known as an Employment Authorization Document (EAD).
If the U.S. government decides to terminate the TPS designation for your country, you will generally return to the immigration status you held before receiving TPS. It is crucial to consult with an immigration attorney to understand the impact of such a decision.
Yes, if your TPS application is denied, you have the right to appeal the decision. The appeals process has specific deadlines and requirements, so it is important to consult with an immigration attorney promptly

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