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Wage and Hour Law

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Certain states and federal laws regulate the relationship existing between employers and employees, to ensure that employees, who are more vulnerable in this relationship, are not exploited and subjected to unfair work-related conditions and practices. Globally, it is recognized and affirmed by law that employees should work under fair conditions. One of such fair employment conditions is remunerating employees based on agreed remuneration and for work done. 

It is a known fact that employees could be subjected to quite a number of unfair work practices and conditions such as harassment, discrimination, and unlawful termination of employment contracts. Do you know that employers can be held accountable for failure to grant employees relevant leave under the law (such as under the Family Medical Leave Act) or for refusal to pay employees for working overtime? 

Wage and Hour Laws manage the wage rates an employer can pay employees and the hours an employer must compensate the employees. The crucial areas of Wage and Hour Laws are issues relating to overtime, minimum wage, child labor, meals, breaks, and maximum hours. It also includes circumstances involving medical emergencies, sick leave, holidays, and vacations. The employment attorneys at Gehi & Associates are knowledgeable regarding wage and hour laws in the US and can help you get your earned remuneration and agreed work benefits.

Employers’ remuneration and working environment practices are constantly under scrutiny by regulators in the US, which places employers on the edge and very concerned about how best to comply with the Wage and Hour Law. At Gehi & Associates, we also help employers resolve this concern by helping them structure their working documents and practices to meet the standard required by the Wage and Hour Law.

It is not very rare for employers to be faced with class actions by employees. These class actions, if not properly handled and resolved, can adversely affect the profitability of the company/business. To meet this need, we have a dedicated legal team of Work and Hour Law attorneys that help clients (employers) resolve such issues by adopting extra-legal (ADR) and legal (litigation) means.

Wage and Hour Law

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You might find yourself in a conflicted situation if your employer violates the Wage and Hour Laws. On the one hand, you might have a fear of losing your job; on the other, it simply is not suitable to be subjected to unfair treatment. But it is wise to know that these laws were put in place to protect you.
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