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Questions to ask an Immigration lawyer in the initial stage of consultation

Questions To Ask An Immigration Lawyer In The Initial Stage Of Consultation

“People do not win people fights. Lawyers do.” Every time we face a burdensome problem related to immigration and citizenship, an immigration lawyer is our inevitable savior. The USA has taken pride in its intricate documentation relating to Immigration and Citizenship.

However, it has proven quite a hassle for the individuals who apply for visas, especially for permanent citizenship or employment visas. Therefore, it is crucial to know what questions to ask an immigration lawyer during a consultation. By doing so, the individual seeking assistance will have a better idea of what to invest in.

  1. Is my case valid enough to be contested in the Court of Law?

This question will help the person be aware of the validity of the case and how it will pan out in the court procedure. A lawyer is always aware of the validity of a situation and whether it has the potential to be considered a legal case. So, it is best to clarify that in the first place.

  1. Have there been any similar cases to mine, and have you dealt with them before?

Immigration law is a vast area of expertise. There are various situations involved in this arena with different solutions to them. Questions like these are a first, subtle step to knowing what arena your lawyer has dealt with and if the attorney knows the feasible ways to counter your law and evade the challenges against your problem.

  1. What are the chances of my case succeeding?

No lawyer can put forth a guarantee of success in any case. But as this question is not about the assurance of the victory of the case; rather, it is about its probability, it will prepare the person to set their expectations accordingly and what they are signing up for.

  1. What are the specific steps you will be taking to advance my case?

It is always a prudent decision to know which path the lawyer will be taking as the case in itself is related to the client. So, awareness of the party is beneficial to the party in concern and the lawyer, which will also ensure transparency between the lawyer and the client.

  1. Are you planning to include more lawyers in this case?

Having this information on hand will give the client an insight into who will deal with the case in hand and to whom it will be entrusted. In that way, the client can gather ideas about the attorneys involved and whether the trust will be safeguarded in good hands or not.

  1. What will be the cost charges on average to carry out the entire procedure?

A salient step during any legal proceeding is the financial investment in it. Every case has different pathways to take, requiring different outlay. To avoid any confusion between the attorney and the client and steer clear of probable untoward situations in the future, it is important to be aware of the average of service charges in total.

A case can see the light of success not just with the efforts of a lawyer but also with the client’s approach. Thus, in the initial stage, if one can stay aware of how to approach a US Immigration lawyer, it shall be plain sailing to approach the correct Immigration lawyer for their case.

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