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Quick Removal of Asylum Seekers Passed in Supreme Court


This week has been a series of successes for the immigration policies of the Trump administration. It began with at the beginning of this week, Trump’s executive order to put a hold on all new H1B and other work visas went through. Now, later on in the week, there has been a new win and it came from the supreme court. The Trump administration has been wishing for quick removal/deportation of denied asylum seekers for quite some time now.

This wish has now been granted. On Thursday, the supreme court ruled that the government’s ability to removed denied asylum seekers from the United States can be expedited.

For millions of immigrants looking to seek refuge in the United States, their families, and those who support such refuge, Thursday was absolutely a big loss.


“This ruling fails to live up to the Constitution’s bedrock principle that individuals deprived of their liberty have their day in court, and this includes asylum seekers,” said ACLU attorney Lee Gelernt.

Asylum seekers are those who are not coming to the United States simply to seek a good life.

Rather, they are also people who are coming to United States to escape a terrible life, which is a very different thing.

On the one hand, an immigrant might be coming here from the U.K. simply to work.

On the other, an immigrant might be coming here from Syria to escape ISIS.

In both cases, this week in the United States we have failed, because now both workers and asylum seekers have a harder time getting into the United States. Now, those who are already here on a work visa are fine.

But those who are here and are seeking asylum –i.e. have not yet gotten asylum– are now at a greater risk of deportation.

Surely this has been a moral failure on the part of the United States –especially, as attorney Gelernt pointed out, if we base our morals on the constitution.

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