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Guidelines to Consider when choosing An Immigration Attorney

Guidelines to Consider when choosing An Immigration Attorney

Hurdling the immigration process alone and navigating its intricacies is a dangerous bet. An insignificant error could result in delay, denial, or even deportation. Moreover, becoming a citizen of the United States is not a baby move. Specific guidelines set forth by immigration laws must be adhered to.

Thus, consulting the legal services of an Immigration Attorney in Richmond Hill is a no-brainer. Getting a lawyer is not enough, as there are a thousand practice areas involved in the legal field.

Experience and expertise cannot be compromised, especially in intricate subjects like immigration. Therefore, it is important to find an Immigration Attorney in Richmond Hill, United States, who can meet your needs.

Who Is An Immigration Attorney?

An immigration lawyer guides applicants through every step of the immigration process. They can identify the type of visa an individual will need to legally enter the United States and help prepare the necessary paperwork.

In addition, an immigration attorney will provide adequate information and guidance regarding your visa application, green card, citizenship, naturalization, deportation, and employment.

At Gehi and Associates, we have proven experience providing pragmatic solutions to immigration challenges. We offer a full range of immigration services and have the knowledge and skills to handle even the most complex issues.

We aim to make the process hassle-free while ensuring you have the best legal representation and guidance you seek to the last draw.


  • Interprets the Law

Immigration Attorney Richmond Hill specializes in interpreting the United States immigration laws (which are subject to tenure change with each presidency), stays abreast of any immigration updates/news/enactment, and guides the immigrant applicant through the complicated and ever-evolving immigration process.

  • Acts as an Advisor/Counselor

Hiring an immigration lawyer for your immigration process is a worthwhile investment that strictly limits honest mistakes from occurring during your application. Mistakes may risk the chance of the applicant being denied or deported. Hence, immigration attorneys generally fill the role of an advisor or counselor, for they are well-versed in the normality and abnormality in the field. 

  • Acts as a Mediator

Immigration attorneys are in the suitable capacity to mediate between their clients and the immigration authorities. An experienced immigration attorney is already quite familiar with the paperwork requirements and mode of application.

When you gather your required documents and fill out prescribed forms and evidence for the US government, an Immigration Attorney Richmond Hill ensures that your information is correct, precise, and relevant.

They also know their way around the whole process, thus making them aware of unavoidable delays and likely challenges that may spring up to delay the application.

  • Appear in Court

Immigration lawyers sometimes have to appear in court before an immigration judge when the client is facing an immigration hearing, such as deportation defense, removal proceedings, or other likely issues.

  • Visa Interview Preparation

It is well known that the interview stage is one of the dreading stages involved in the immigration journey. With Immigration Attorney Richmond Hill or Immigration Attorney Rockaway, or Immigration Attorney Roslyn, you will be prepared for the possible questions and suitable answers to provide. The client will have a better idea of what and what not to expect, and generally, a boost of confidence is achieved.

Factors to Consider When Hiring an Immigration Attorney

Finding the right immigration lawyer can be overwhelming, but with guidance from an immigration attorney, the process will go more smoothly. However, selecting the right immigration attorney is critical because you want to receive the best representation possible.

There are many NYC Immigration Attorneys, but not all are ranked equal with the experience and expertise attained at Gehi and Associates. The following are a few factors to put into check while you are sourcing for an Immigration Attorney Richmond Hill:

  • Years of Experience

Be on the lookout for an immigration law firm that has tremendous experience with immigration cases and a certain level of proficiency attained in the field. With over 50 years of experience in immigration affairs, Gehi and Associates have a confident group of experience harnessed to ensure that cases are handled effectively.

  • Reputation

Do your due diligence on the law firm or attorney. Look for an immigration firm that enjoys a good reputation in the community and is ranked in the top tier. Check out the firm’s online presence, ratings, and client reviews.

  • Excellent Communication Skills

A reasonable immigration attorney must be sound orally and in written tests. In addition, such must show good traits in interpreting complex laws and legal positions in a well-clarified manner without mincing words.

  • Fees

While working within your budget is crucial, remember that sound quality isn’t cheap. As long as you are not charged an excessive rate, you should understand that getting the best immigration services shouldn’t be a matter of long debate.

  • Enquire about their Success Rate

When looking for an immigration law firm, you want to ensure you get precisely what you pay for. It is, therefore, pertinent to always ask about the attorney/law firm’s success rate at immigration processing.

In addition, have a good grasp of how many clients have successfully obtained US citizenship or permanent residency. This will give you a certain amount of insight into their services and build realistic expectations. 

Bottom Line

The roles and responsibilities of an immigration lawyer cannot be overlooked in an immigration procedure. The work of an Immigration Attorney Richmond Hill or Immigration Attorney Rockaway, or Immigration Attorney Roslyn does not even hit a bus stop when visas and other government authorizations are obtained.

In addition, the immigrant may face compliance responsibilities with the local police and social insurance authorities to report obligations before government agencies. Failure to adhere to these can result in fines, penalties, and restrictions on the immigrant’s future travel.

Therefore, it is worth noting that an immigration attorney’s role remains crucial throughout an individual’s stay in the United States.


Please note that nothing contained in this website or link therefrom shall be regarded as providing legal advice. Please contact us directly for legal advice specific to your situation. All pictorial images used in these videos and the website, in general, are licensed stocked images and not portraits, or otherwise, of anyone from Gehi and Associates, nor of its clients, unless otherwise indicated by name.

At the law offices of Gehi and Associates, our immigration attorneys are equipped to deal with legal issues with substantial experience. It can provide one with high-quality legal services per the admission requisites.

For more information, you can directly call our law office or send an email to the addresses.

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