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From Green Card Holder to U.S. Citizen: A Remarkable Success Story

In the world of immigration and citizenship, some stories stand out as shining examples of dedication, perseverance, and the power of professional guidance. This is the tale of a 60-year-old gentleman, a proud national of Dominica, who embarked on a journey to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a United States citizen.

Our client’s journey began in 1979 when he became a green card holder. For decades, he had called the United States his home, contributing in countless ways to his community and the nation. His dream of becoming a U.S. citizen was deeply ingrained in his heart, which he held onto for years.

The turning point in his journey occurred in March when he decided to take the crucial step of applying for U.S. citizenship. Like many others, he faced the daunting task of the complex naturalization process. That’s when our team at Gehi and Associates stepped in to guide him through every step of the way.

We started by submitting Form N-400, the application for naturalization, on his behalf. It was the first step toward realizing his dream of becoming a U.S. citizen. However, our client’s path was not without its challenges. In July, he faced his N-400 interview, a critical phase in the naturalization process. Little did he know that he would soon encounter an intricate obstacle.

During the interview, our client was presented with a Notice of Continuance (NOC) requesting court dispositions from the 1980s. This presented a significant challenge, which meant diving deep into his past to retrieve these critical documents. Our dedicated team, however, was undeterred. We embarked on an exhaustive journey to collect all the required court dispositions and promptly responded to the NOC.

The dedication, meticulous research, and tireless effort put forth by our team at Gehi and Associates led to a successful resolution of the NOC. With all the necessary documents, our client’s journey to citizenship was back on track. His application was complete, and he was scheduled for his oath ceremony, the final step in becoming a United States citizen.

The day of the oath ceremony marked the culmination of decades of waiting and dreaming. Our client, now ready to embrace his new status as a U.S. citizen, stood alongside others who shared his aspirations. The moment he had longed for had arrived, and as he took the oath of allegiance, he became a United States citizen.

Our client’s story is a testament to the power of persistence, dedication, and the support of a professional team that believes in the American dream. After years of waiting and facing challenges, he is now a proud U.S. citizen, and his satisfaction with our services knows no bounds.

At Gehi and Associates, we take immense pride in being part of our clients’ success stories. As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, we look forward to assisting more individuals in their journeys to becoming U.S. citizens and fulfilling their American dreams.


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