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From I-130 Petition to Green Card Victory

From I-130 Petition to Green Card Victory Empowering Survivors: A Triumph of Justice under VAWA

In a heartwarming journey, a U.S. citizen and a St. Lucian national, married for six steadfast years. They sought our guidance for their American dream. In January 2022, We initiated their path by filing the I-130 petition, laying the foundation for their U.S. reunion. 

Later, in 2022, Fortune favored them as the spouse received a U.S. visa, paving the way for a green card application. This was based on the pending I-130. We secured crucial documents, a work permit, and a Social Security card, easing their American transition. With unwavering dedication, we prepared them for the green card interview, a testament to their love’s authenticity.

We swiftly compiled evidence of their shared life, answering USCIS‘ call for proof of their bond. Today, we celebrate the I-130 approval and eagerly await their green card—a story of love, resilience, and boundless dreams fulfilled. Their journey reflects hope, perseverance, and the endless possibilities of the American dream.

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