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Rekindling Family Bonds: The Heartfelt Reunion of a US Citizen with His Panamanian Family

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Rekindling Family Bonds: The Heartfelt Reunion of a US Citizen with His Panamanian Family Love Knows No Borders – A Swift Journey to the Green Card

In the world of immigration law, success stories often emerge from attorneys’ dedication and efforts to unite families across borders. In this case, we present the heartwarming journey of a US citizen who, with the help of our legal team, successfully brought his wife and stepdaughter from Panama to the United States through a series of well-executed petitions and meticulous responses to Requests for Evidence (RFEs).

Our client, a proud US citizen, deeply desired to reunite with his wife and stepdaughter, who were nationals of Panama. The path to achieving this dream involved navigating the complex immigration process, including filing petitions and adjusting their immigration status.

Our dedicated legal team immediately went to work, filing an adjustment of status application for the clients. As they were present in the United States, this approach was ideal to facilitate their legal stay and eventual green card status. However, this journey was not without its challenges.

We encountered Requests for Evidence (RFEs) during the process, which required prompt and thorough responses. Our team effectively addressed these RFEs with precision and diligence, ensuring that no stone was left unturned in meeting the USCIS’s requirements.

The clients faced not one but two crucial interviews in their immigration journey. They underwent both a regular I-485 interview and a Stokes interview. Our experienced attorneys skillfully represented them during these interviews, providing invaluable support and guidance.

Understanding the importance of employment and travel during this process, we successfully secured the clients’ work permits and travel documents. This eased their day-to-day lives and ensured they remained compliant with immigration regulations.

The culmination of this journey arrived last month when the final interview took place. With the clients having successfully met all the requirements of the USCIS, their green cards were granted. It was a moment of great joy and relief, marking the successful completion of their immigration process.

The clients, elated with our services and support, expressed their deep gratitude for the dedication and expertise of our legal team. Their family was now whole, and they could look forward to a bright future together in the United States.


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