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Reuniting Families Across Borders

In 2016, we began our journey with a client whose heart knew no borders, and their story has now reached a heartwarming milestone.

Our client, a U.S. resident, had a spouse residing in Pakistan, separated by thousands of miles and seemingly insurmountable immigration hurdles. Their love endured, and they yearned to be together once again.

In April 2022, we took a significant step toward reuniting this loving couple by submitting an I-130 petition for an alien relative on behalf of our client. The I-130 represented more than just paperwork; it was a beacon of hope, a promise of togetherness.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that the I-130 petition has been approved, marking a major triumph in our client’s immigration journey. This approval is not just a legal formality; it signifies the power of love, determination, and dedication of our team.

We understand that immigration processes can be complex, with uncertainties and challenges. Yet, our unwavering commitment to our clients and our experience in the intricate U.S. immigration system has again borne fruit.

The approval of the I-130 petition brings our client one step closer to being reunited with their beloved spouse, creating a brighter future filled with shared dreams and endless possibilities.

This success story underscores our belief that love knows no boundaries and that families can overcome obstacles with the right guidance and perseverance. We are honoured to have played a part in this heartwarming reunion, and we look forward to continuing to support our client on their journey toward a happily ever after together.


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