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Swift Path to U.S. Permanent Residency for Elderly Indian Couple

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Meet our recent success story – an elderly Indian couple on a remarkable journey to secure U.S. permanent residency:

This senior Indian couple entrusted us with their immigration journey just one year ago. Their dream? To attain permanent residency in the United States through a concurrent adjustment of status application, with their U.S. citizen son as the petitioner. Earlier this year, we hit a significant milestone.

We secured work permits for both couple members, granting them the freedom to work and support themselves while their green card applications were in progress. Today, we’re thrilled to share the news that both of their green card applications have been approved.

The USC son’s father has already received his 10-year permanent green card, ensuring security and stability in the U.S. The mother is eagerly awaiting the imminent arrival of her 10-year green card. Our clients couldn’t be happier with the speed and efficiency of this process.

Their swift journey to permanent residency reflects our dedication and expertise in navigating complex immigration pathways.


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