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The Path to a 10-Year Green Card

The Path to a 10-Year Green Card Gehi & Associates Celebrates Landmark Success.

Our clients, a U.S. citizen of Bangladeshi heritage and her Bangladeshi spouse, achieved a remarkable milestone:

In late 2021, they sought our help with their NVC Consular processing I-130 petition despite the Bangladeshi spouse residing in Oman. While awaiting the I-130, the foreign spouse visited the U.S. We swiftly filed an adjustment of status application, ensuring their unity.

We addressed an I-864-related RFE, demonstrating financial support and keeping the case on course. This summer, we secured a work permit and social security card, granting financial stability and a new life in the USA.

The journey culminated in green card approval, offering legal permanent residency and a forthcoming 10-year green card, symbolizing a brighter future. Our clients are thrilled with our bilingual team’s dedication to ensuring a smooth, tailored, and successful green card process.


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