Successful Cases

Husband and wife both had fraudulent entry issues; Gehi & Associates fought their cases and got them their green cards!

Client came to us for a consultation in 2015. It was a complicated case with fraud issues. Our staff did a lot of research to prove that the husband did not “knowingly misrepresent the fact” and he was prepared multiple times for his interview. The staff and client’s good chemistry and hard work paid off as the husband got his green card.

The journey of the client with us did not stop here. We then started working on wife’s Adjustment of Status. Her case was not a simple case as she had a fraud issue too.

We successfully filed waiver for her and eventually helped her obtain green card as well. The couple was grateful for our service of four years and parted with us to live happily and securely in the United States.

Gehi & Associates help release detained respondent in Newark New Jersey during the COVID-19 Pandemic and shut down

After several attempts of applying for Bond and informing the judge about the relief, the pandemic hit and the client was left in detention for quite some time. Lack of cooperation from the client’s family led to frustration.

However, while the shutdown occurred, Gehi & Associates researched and attempted to get to the bottom of the client’s underlying health condition. By communicating with the detention officers and the immigration judge, Gehi & Associates was able to successfully release the client during the shutdown.

The client is extremely happy to be out of detention and is now awaiting further instructions from the court to fight his asylum case.

Detained respondent in Georgia who gets 212(H) waiver granted

Two judges ruled differently on whether respondent’s crime was that of an aggravated felony. The aggravated felony charge, if sustained, does not allow the respondent to pursue relief under Cancellation of Removal.

Prior to the individual hearing, the former immigration judge presiding over the matter ruled that our client’s crime was not an aggravated felony. However, another judge decided differently right after a decision was made the first time.

An individual hearing, which was conducted a week ago, the new immigration judge sustained the charge that the respondent was convicted of a violent crime and sentenced to 12 months incarceration and thus committed an aggravated felony.

Gehi & Associates argued on the record that the previous judge did not sustain the charge because the respondent was only sentenced to a 60-day incarceration with 10 months on probation. After the judge was done with the preliminary matters, we argued that according to the previous attorney who appeared for the master calendar hearing, the charge was not sustained.

The court requested a recess so the government’s attorney can speak to a colleague on what took place at the last hearing. After the recess, the DHS attorney confirmed that her colleague that was at the previous master said that the Judge Wilson did not sustain the charge.

However, the current judge stated that since the previous judge did not change his decision on the I-216 that he sustained the charge. Our firm requested that the recording from the previous hearing be played in open court for clarity of the matter on the record. The immigration judge said that those are available to us if we want them, but we needed to continue on with proceedings. Our firm then asked to have it on record that we requested the recordings from the previous master and that our request was denied.

The Court then began adjudicating the Respondents relief under 212(h). After testimony from the Respondent, his mother, and his brother, the judge ruled in favor of the Respondent and granted the relief under 212(h). We were able to establish extreme hardship to the Respondent and the Respondent’s permanent resident mother. Gehi & Associates were able to get the 212(h) waiver approved and request the release of our client immediately.

We focus on helping our clients feel comfortable during their interview before USCIS

Client came to the United States with very little knowledge of immigration law. He filed his own Asylum application in 2016 before USCIS. In 2018, he met the love of his life and planned to get married later that year. Together they filed for an Adjustment of Status (I-485).

The couple was extremely nervous about their interview since they were newly weds who didn’t have a lot of documents to prove the bona fide nature of their marriage. We prepared them for their interview. During the preparation, the clients answered questions about each other like they have known each other all their life.

During the interview, the beneficiary became extremely nervous that stares would go towards his wife and the associate attorney. After taking a quick break, the associate attorney was able to give the client confidence to answer the questions by the officer. The client is now a green card holder!

At Gehi & Associates, we work with our clients as a team – Green Card obtained through employment based immigration case!

Client came to the United States in hopes of becoming a computer programmer. He was so talented in his chosen field that his job sponsored him to come to the United States.

He came into Gehi & Associates unsure about the whole process of achieving his green card through employment. Our office filed an I-140 that was approved. We later helped him file an I-485 which led to his Adjustment of Status interview.

The client was extremely nervous about filing for a green card based on employment but was prepared several times as he overcame his fear. The client did extremely well at the interview and received his green card the following week.

Gehi & Associates is thorough when appealing cases. We use facts and argue law after proper research and strategy!

Gehi & Associates appealed a decision made by an USCIS officer to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA).

USCIS revoked the approval of the I-130 petitions filed by the Petitioner on behalf of his wife and his step daughters. The petitions were revoked on the allegation of marriage fraud.

However, after a complete review of the grounds stated in the appeal, the record of proceedings and the supporting documentation, USCIS determined that the grounds for denial have been successfully overcome.

Thus, the appeal was approved and was treated as a Motion to Reopen.


At Gehi & Associates – we focus on preparation! Preparation is key!

We filed the I-130 and I-485 petitions with supporting evidence for the clients.

The clients just had a new born baby and no criminalities.

They were prepared for their interview in which an attorney accompanied them.

They did very well and received their green card 4 days after the interview!

Client referred to immigration court proceedings by USCIS as a mistake – Gehi & Associates took care of the whole matter and got the client adjusted before the judge!

This client was referred to immigration court proceedings because USCIS messed up when sending his interview notice to remove conditions from his green card.

We ultimately re-filed all applications before the court and USCIS. USCIS handled the I-130 petition and the judge handled the adjustment of status which was granted once all supporting documents was submitted.

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