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Studying in the U.S. : How to Get Your Visa?

If you earn an academic credit or are on the verge of completion of an academic program of study, a B-2 visa is not appropriate.The U.S. student visa is a type of non-immigrant visa that allows foreign nationals who wish to study at universities in the United States. This visa gives them permission to enter the country temporarily, and work while they are studying. In return, students agree to apply for jobs upon graduation from their studies.

Attempting to obtain a visa by the willful misrepresentation of a material fact, or fraud, may result in the permanent refusal of a visa or denial of entry into the United States. With the help of an Immigration lawyer Long island, getting a U.S. student visa can be much easier for you.

How to Get a U.S. Student Visa?

There are a few key factors to consider when applying:

  • Check with your university. Visit and follow the instructions in your student visa application. You can also look at
  • Make sure you have a copy of your passport and other government documents.
  • Look for all the required documents (e.g., passport, medical, vehicle registration) on your application form.
  • When applying for a student card, you will be asked for your photo and fingerprints.
  • In addition to the above, your college or university may require you to submit a photo for the college. Once you are admitted, the school will need the photo of you and the student you’re applying to join.
  • The school may also require your fingerprint to be taken.
  • Finally, check out the local newspaper or website for an online application or for other information. You may also contact a local Immigration lawyer Richmond Hill to find out proper information regarding the same.
  • Do not hesitate to apply for U.S. citizenship.
  • Get started now and do not delay. Apply soon. To learn more about applying online and getting a visa, see the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services’ website.
  • Follow the steps on the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Service’s “Get Started” page. If you do, the U.S. citizenship will automatically become available to you.
  • A student should make his application at least two weeks before the expected graduation date.
  • Pay the non-refundable visa application fee, if you are required to pay it before your interview. If your visa is approved, you may also pay a visa issuance fee, if applicable to your nationality.

As you begin to think about funding sources for your educational and living expenses in the United States, remember that you cannot count on working in the United States unless you have been granted a teaching or research assistantship and also have a valid visa.

the relation between visas and legal immigration

Relation between visas and Legal Immigration.


A visa is a valid document issued to travelers traveling to the United States of America. The U.S. system of immigration and citizenship is vastly dependent on a visa as it is what grants the allowance of entry into the country. 


Visas ensure a secure state of being in a country; establish the rules of Immigration and Citizenship with a specified period of time for the stay and respective activities in the country. 


The purposes provided for a visa in the States mostly are Education, Travel, Employment, and Transit purposes. 

Various visas provide different rights with different conditions to the visa applicants. 

But two major distinctions of the Visa process is 

  •  Immigrant visa 
  • Non Immigrant visa


Immigrant visas are for the permanent status of living in the country, whereas Non-Immigrant visas are issued for temporary purposes in the country. 


Not every country abides by a visa policy and certainly does not maintain a similar procedure but the determination of visa criteria and mandating them for entry to the States holds more importance compared to other nations. 


The USA has proudly been welcoming the most number of immigrants, issuing a considerable number of visas to its suitable applicants from various countries as it has had a remarkable influence on the economy of the country. Every year the President decides the number of refugees to be allowed in the United States in accordance with the Congress to maintain discipline in the Refugee program. 


A visa is not an authorized entry pass to the States. But there is a fine relationship between Lawful Immigration and the visa programs here because a visa is a preliminary step in seeking admission to a country. Without a visa, the very beginning of the process of granting a stay in the country will be invalid. 

As per the Immigration and Nationality Act, a visa can be denied on the grounds and circumstances of: 

  • The non-permissible health situation
  • Untoward history of crime
  • Fears of Security
  • Charges or burdens from public
  • Illegal immigration
  • Lack of the requisite documents
  • Ineligibility for Citizenship
  • History of deportation from the country
  • Often, the spouse of a U.S. citizen is denied a visitor’s visa because the spouse might want to stay in the United States for a longer period of time than allowed.


Therefore, these conditions prove that a visa determines the suitability of a citizen to gain access to the United States, saving the country from any probable threat concerning the person. A visa has a meticulous application process as it scrutinizes the applicant as studiously as possible with stringent measures. Therefore, a visa paves the way for Lawful Immigration to the United States. 


eb-5 visa program mean for foreign investors

What will the new developments in the EB-5 visa program mean for the Foreign Investors?


This year March had welcomed some significant developments in the EB-5 visa program which has been long overdue since its inception. The EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act with the other appropriations have been approved on March 10 by the Congress of the U.S. 


And some of the most noteworthy developments which have reauthorized the entire program are :


  • Increased investment amounts to $800,000 for Target Employment Areas and $1,05,000 for Non-Target Employment Areas;
  • Lining up new investment projects in rural areas, infrastructure projects, and high unemployment areas;
  • Protection of new and existing investors.


The U.S. issues up to 10,000 places for EB-5 visas and it has proved to be extremely beneficial to qualified investors, especially in terms of:


  • Easy access to permanent citizenship.
  • Freedom to travel and inhabit any part of the USA.
  • Liberty in any job sector without employment and sponsorship reservations and restrictions.
  • No legal curtailment for the spouses and automatic green card grants.
  • International flexibility in movableness.
  • Employment access without H-1B work visa.
  • Investments especially in real estate projects can be obtained by a collateral to lower the down risks. 
  • In case of national tension or conflicts, the person with an EB-5 visa can conveniently shift to the U.S. sans delay.
  • Allowance to apply for citizenship of the USA precisely after 5 years of established residency in the country while holding onto the Indian lineage. 


Since the beginning of EB-5 in 1990, countless entrepreneurs and money makers have been attracted to foreign investment in the USA. In 2020, there is a noteworthy increase in demand in India for the EB-5 as the investors wish to expand internationally in the USA, secure the future of their families, gain U.S. citizenship, and be a part of more employment opportunities. 


With the new developments in the visa program, it can be expected that the backlogs in the application processes will be taken care of. Thereby engaging more investors with more investments in the projects focusing on the rural areas, infrastructure-based business plans, and areas lacking employment opportunities. This will provide more opportunities for young, forthcoming, and potential employees to find better establishments with a brighter scope putting them in comfort if the investor in question shares the same nationality. 


And therefore this will result in more fortified international relations between the two nations paving paths for momentous growth in the upcoming days. 


are us citizens eligible to apply for green cards for their siblings

Are U.S. citizens eligible to apply for green cards for their siblings?


If you’re trying to help your brother or sister achieve legal residency in the United States, you might be able to file a petition on their behalf under federal law. Like any other sort of immigration, the process can be complicated and time-consuming, requiring a significant deal of paperwork, documentation, and patience. It is in your best interests to speak with a skilled family-based immigration attorney at Gehi & Associates to guarantee that your sibling can join you in the United States. It’s also likely that you’ll be able to gain residence for your sibling’s spouse and children.


Who is eligible to file a Sibling Immigration Petition?

You must be at least 21 years old and a U.S. citizen to file a petition on behalf of a sibling. You cannot file a petition for a sibling if you are a lawful permanent resident.


You’ll also have to show proof of your relationship with your brother or sister. It is not necessary for siblings to be biologically related to one another. Siblings in the United States are defined as:


Siblings who have at least one biological parent in common.

Stepbrothers and stepsisters who were 18 years old or younger when their parents married and who are still married to their parents.

Adopted siblings who were both under the age of 16 at the time of adoption.


What is the Procedure for Petitioning a Sibling for Permanent Residence in the United States?


The U.S. citizen must first file a Form I-130 with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to begin the petition process (USCIS). If the petition is authorized, the paperwork will be sent to the consulate or embassy of the United States in the home country of the foreign citizen sibling, and a visa interview will be organized.


If the sibling is already legally present in the United States and the quota is still available, they may be entitled to apply for adjustment of status. Before starting the petition process, you must speak with an experienced immigration attorney to learn about your alternatives.


Unfortunately, even if a petition is authorized, it might take years for a sibling’s case to be approved because it is a fourth preference immigration category with a limited number of visas available each year.


In a USCIS application, who counts as a sibling?


There are many different sorts of families in today’s society, but someone who is “like a brother” or “the same as a sister” will not be enough to receive a green card for a sibling. The following individuals, however, may be eligible for a green card.


  • Brother or sister with same birth parents
  • Half sibling
  • Stepbrother or stepsister
  • Adopted sibling

The marriage or divorce certificate of their parents, or adoption certificates, may be required in some sibling green card applications to prove further the family tie between the U.S. citizen and the green card applicant.


Is it possible to appeal a denial of a sibling immigration petition?

If the USCIS declines your sibling’s petition, the denial will include a rationale for the refusal as well as options for appealing the denial. It is to your best advantage to speak with an expert immigration attorney at this stage to help you understand how to meet USCIS standards and your prospects of success if you decide to appeal.


One of the most prevalent reasons for the denial is that USCIS has found that the family relationship was not real or recognized by immigration law. A knowledgeable attorney will assist you, and your sibling gathers acceptable evidence of your kinship and defending your case in court. To discuss your options, contact Gehi & Associates as soon as possible.


Immigration Lawyers in New York for Families


Filing for permanent residency on a sibling’s behalf is time-consuming and can take years. Consult with the New York immigration lawyers at Gehi & Associates as soon as possible to help secure the success of your application. Our legal staff has assisted a number of people in obtaining legal status for their siblings. To learn more about our services, please get in touch with us.


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Green card and Gay Marriage: Immigration for Same-Sex Spouses in NYC

Until recently, LGBTQ+(homosexual) couples did not have the same immigration rights as heterosexual couples. The Pride community now has the right to obtain permanent resident status (Green Card) through a same-sex spouse who is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Under federal law, gay and lesbian spouses now have access to the same immigration rights and benefits previously only available to heterosexual couples.

In the past, if a non-resident spouse in a same-sex (homosexual) union wanted to obtain a Green Card, they would have to ask their employer to sponsor them. Some even sought political asylum. With the recent changes in federal law, these impediments are no longer in the way of gay and lesbian couples. The Immigration attorneys at Gehi & Associates – Attorneys at Law P.C. are proud to represent same-sex couples seeking permanent residency through spousal sponsorship.

Recently, a gay married couple who had a lot of trouble in their first Adjustment of Status (AOS) Interview was prepared for weeks by the highly experienced Attorneys at Gehi & Associates. They were more than ready for their second round. The Immigration officer at USCIS, being immensely satisfied, had approved them right on the spot.

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International Students Can Stay in U.S.

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A week ago, the Trump administration –in its continued use of the COVID-19 pandemic to push anti-immigration policy– said it would be enforcing international students to leave the country. COVID-19 forced most schools to go fully online. Of the schools that were fully online, the policy stated, its international students would be forced to exit the country.

Of course, this was a terrifying bit of news for many people. A huge number of international students come from countries where the infrastructure to fight COVID-19 is terrible –yes, even worse than the U.S.’ And, at bottom, –as the general public gladly realized– it is quite unethical to kick people out of the country who are simply here to get a quality education.

Thus, the good news is that this executive order has been rescinded. International students in the U.S. do not have to worry anymore. Your visa status will not be taken from you. ICE will not show up and deport you because you are taking online courses only. If your school has decided not to have in-person classes, this might be sad because you like having classes in person, but it is still good to know now that you will not lose your status in America or be deported.

Many states and many school sued the federal government over the original decision, which undoubtedly played a massive role in the rescinding of the original policy. The seriousness of this policy extended to all levels of schooling: which is to say, if it stayed in place, international students at the elementary school level would have even been deported. In the clearness of how unethical this is, it is great that the people of this country stepped up and said “no”, and in saying “no”, were heard.

Many students now have to change their plans. The original order forced many students to plan to go home. Many even went home. This has created a massive amount of confusion and inconvenience for millions of students. However, it is at least a massive victory for those of us who are pro-immigration.

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Immigration Freeze is Spreading The Virus


We are Gehi & Associates. We are NYC/Queens/Brooklyn/Manhattan/Bronx/Staten Island immigration lawyers. We are here to serve our NYC/Queens/Brooklyn/Manhattan/Bronx/Staten Island communities. We do bankruptcy, family/divorce, immigration and all forms of law. Please come to one of our Queens offices. Email us at to set up your free initial personal consultation.

A few weeks ago, President Trump put many restrictions upon immigration into the United States. These restrictions are expected to be expanded in the upcoming weeks.

Part of President Trump’s COVID-19 immigration policy has been the ramping up of deportation. The logic behind these recent policy decisions has been stated to be an effort to thwart the spread of the virus.

The problem with this logic, however, is that many of the individuals who were deported later tested positive for COVID-19. Most of the countries these individuals are being deported to have little in the way of social safety nets and also, poor quality healthcare systems.

Countries like Haiti, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Jamaica, amongst others, are seeing large numbers of deported individuals from the United States sent over to their countries. In Guatemala, these deportees account for roughly 19 percent of the country’s total coronavirus cases, according to Vox.

“Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Haiti have very limited capacity for testing, surveillance, and treatment and a limited supply of medical equipment such as ventilators,” Sergio Martín, general coordinator for the nonprofit Doctors Without Borders in Mexico, said in a statement. “A major outbreak of Covid-19 could be catastrophic.”

In turn, United States immigration policy has been responsible for exporting COVID-19 abroad.

In doing so, they are not only exporting COVID-19 but exporting it to those who –also due to U.S. immigration policy– cannot escape it. Asylum seekers are being denied, and are being denied in the long term.

With borders closed, asylum being denied, visas being denied, and hearings being postponed, the COVID crisis has had a large impact on the state of immigration. Immobility is the characteristic of this state for the time being.

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We are Gehi & Associates. We are NYC/Queens/Brooklyn/Manhattan/Bronx/Staten Island immigration lawyers. We are here to serve our NYC/Queens/Brooklyn/Manhattan/Bronx/Staten Island communities. We do bankruptcy, family/divorce, immigration and all forms of law. Please come to one of our Queens offices. Email us at to set up your free initial personal consultation.