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Understanding Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Re-Registration In The US

Understanding Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Re-Registration In The US

If you have Temporary Protected Status (TPS), you have the right to live and work here in the US, but it is not forever. Every time TPS is lifted or renewed for a certain country, the TPS holder from that country must re-register if they want to keep their TPS (TPS attorney in NYC) status.

You must renew your status every time you need to re-register. If you do not, you can lose all the benefits you get from TPS. For instance, you cannot adjust your TPS if your TPS runs out. TPS adjustment is one of the simplest ways to get your green card.

Most TPS holders also have to go through the process of getting Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) so they can work legally in the US until the end of their TPS. Keep in mind that each country has its own instructions on how to re-register your TPS.

You can get to know the instructions that apply to your country by talking with a TPS attorney in NYC. Here is what you need to know before you re-register your TPS.

Who Needs to Re-register

If you are eligible for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and your current TPS is about to end, it is time to re-register for TPS. TPS applies to you if you are a citizen of a country the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has said is dangerous to go back to.

This could be because of an armed conflict, a natural disaster, or something else. Basically, to keep your status, you need to re-register for TPS during the 60 days re-registration time. DHS will let you know when it is time to re-register and let you know if you meet the requirements.

You need to be a citizen of the country you are applying for TPS in, or a non-citizen who has been living in the country for the last few years. You also need to be able to file your re-application during the designated 60-day period, or if the country’s TPS designation is extended, you must be able to file for TPS again.

You also must have been living in the US since the last time your country was designated for TPS. In addition, you need to be admissible. Some inadmissibility reasons do not work for TPS applicants, and most of the other reasons can be dropped for humanitarian reasons, to keep families together, or for the public good.

You only need to fill out a Form I- 601 waiver application if it has not already been waived. Lastly, you cannot have a conviction for a single serious crime or two or more minor crimes.

How to Re-register Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

If you want to renew your TPS status, you will need to fill out a few forms, including for your EAD (Employment Authorization Document) if you need one.

The most vital of these forms include Form I-821 (Application for Temporary Protected Status) and Form I-765 (Application for Employment Authorization). Form I-912 (Request for Fee Waiver) and Form I-131 (Application for Travel Document) are optional.

You can fill out Form I-821 online or by mail, and you must include two passport-size photos and state your name, alien number, and form number. You can also fill out Form I-912 if you need to waive a fee for financial needs or a biometric appointment or Form I-131 if you want to travel internationally and then come back to the US.

You will need to include supporting evidence to show your identity and nationality, date of entry, and continuous residence when you submit your application to the USCIS.

When to Re-register Temporary Protected Status (TPS attorney in NYC)

If you are a TPS holder, you have a 60 days period to re-register. The Federal Register Notice (FRN) can give you instructions on this, or better still, you can talk with a TPS attorney in NYC. We do not recommend submitting new applications until the official announcement of the FRN because if you do, it could get rejected.

But before the FRN opens, TPS recipients can get ready and make sure they are still eligible. Before you re-register, you will need to go through a screening process to make sure you are still eligible. This includes looking for any new criminal issues or other red flags that could mean you are inadmissible and need a waiver.

You should get a TPS attorney in NYC to help you review your previous TPS applications to make sure they are consistent. You will need to use the latest edition of Form I-821. There is no filing fee, but if you are 14 or older, you will have to pay the biometric fee, or you can get a fee waiver.

Even though you should not apply too late, USCIS might still approve your application after 60 days if you have a valid reason. You will need to include a statement saying why you filed late in addition to your application. Make sure it is for a good reason. You will also need to include some supporting documents.

You can easily sort this out with the help of a TPS attorney in NYC.

How to Keep your Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Work Permit

Sometimes, USCIS will renew your work permit if you have a TPS. According to the Justice Department, your work permit will stay in effect even after your TPS expires. But do not count on it. It is really vital to look at Federal Register Notices or consult a TPS attorney in NYC to find out what is different about the work permit for each country.

To keep your work permit and get a new one, you usually must fill out Form I-765. You can fill it out with Form I-821, or later. You will have to pay a filing fee. But you can apply for a waiver if you do not want to pay the fee.

How to Get Fee Waivers

You can get out of paying the biometrics fee and the fee for filing Form I-765 by claiming a fee waiver. You will need to show that you cannot pay the fees, and you can do this in writing or, we suggest, by filing a Form I-912.

You will have to show that you are eligible for the fee waiver by showing that you are getting one of the means-tested benefits, have a family income that is lower than the federal poverty guidelines, or that you are in financial hardship.

You will also need to provide some supporting evidence. You need to submit your request along with your re-registering application and Form I-765.

You can get fee waivers without hassles with the help of a TPS attorney in NYC.

Get Help!

The TPS process is complicated and unclear. But at Gehi and Associates, we help non-immigrants go through this process to get and re-register TPS in NYC. We offer low-cost legal services, like a free consultation, filing forms I-821 and I-765 for TPS, and employment authorization.

We keep clients up to date on the process, give them options, and help them appeal if their application is denied. Our TPS attorney in NYC has a lot of experience in the TPS process and immigration law and will provide you with the needed legal advice.

We will also help you get all the documents you need and give you a better chance of success. We work with cloud-based software, so you can talk to us from anywhere and keep everything confidential. 

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