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General Immigration

At Gehi and Associates, we don't just offer immigration services – we provide solutions that drive your results. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, and a fervent desire to overcome challenges, we are your unwavering partner in achieving global immigration success.

Investor Visa Application

Business Immigration

Navigating global talent movement is a crucial challenge in the world of international business. We understand the complexities and various obstacles involved, including immigration and visa rules, taxes, data privacy, employment laws, and procedures.

H1B Visa

Employment Immigration

At Gehi and Associates, we recognize the complexities involved in this process – from the intricate web of immigration and visa requirements to the nuanced realms of tax implications, social security considerations, data privacy mandates, employment regulations, compensation intricacies, and regulations.

U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services


As the global landscape evolves, individuals and families seek new avenues for US citizenship to enhance their opportunities and enrich their lives. Amidst the myriad challenges presented by international immigration, we stand as your trusted partner in realizing the dream of acquiring new citizenship.

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About Us

Gehi & Associates is a distinguished international law firm based in New York City with over 80 professionals across three locations in New York and one affiliate office in Mumbai.

The firm has helped over 15,000 clients in various legal matters, including immigration, labor law, personal injury law, matrimony and family law, bankruptcy, insurance, and more.

With more than 35 years of combined experience, we are a highly accomplished law firm dedicated to providing exceptional legal services.

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