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Trump H1B Ban

As we’ve been anticipating these past few weeks, President Trump has banned H1B visas and work visas like the H-4 visa until at least the end of this year. What might this mean for you? If you are seeking to work in the United States through the H1B visa, H-4 visa, L visa, or J visa, you will not be able to obtain said visas due to the ban.

Likewise, there has also been a ban on applying for Green Cards until the end of the year. This blocks hundreds of thousands of people from working in the United States from other countries. Trump H1B Ban: if you are in the United States already and already have a Green card or a visa, there is nothing to worry about.

This ban does not take away your right to live in the United States. The implications of this ban economically will likely be astronomical, as all of the Fortune 500 companies have declared outrage in response to the ban. Many of their employees are foreign workers who have done a great deal to make these companies great.

This prevents thousands of people from other nations from working in the United States. Such a lack of workers is bound to diminish the productivity of these companies and, in turn, hamper the economy until the ban is lifted.

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Table of Contents


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