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U.S. Plans to Cancel Chinese Grad Student Visas Connected to Chinese Military

U.S. Plans to Cancel Chinese Grad Student Visas Connected to Chinese Military
As a growing trend in recent months, immigration policy has been tightening due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Much of the news that has been coming out in the past few regarding immigration has referred to potential changes in immigration policy. One of these changes might be the total cancelation of many visas that Chinese graduate students hold.

According to the New York Times, graduate students who have or had connections with the People’s Liberation Army could have their visas revoked. The evidence for this claim is a meeting that Mike Pompeo, secretary of state, had with President Trump on Tuesday. The number of students this might have effects on is upwards to 3000.

This is of a population of students –Chinese immigrants– who compose the largest population of international students in the United States. Justice departments –and the executive branch of the government, in general– use the idea that some of these students might be spies as justification for this potential decision.

“In China, much more of society is government-controlled or government-affiliated,” Frank Wu, a law professor and the incoming president of Queens College at the City University of New York, told The Times. “You can’t function there or have partners from there if you aren’t comfortable with how the system is set up.”

“Targeting only some potential professors, scholars, students, and visitors from China is a lower level of stereotyping than banning all, but it is still selective, based on national origin,” he added.

Which universities might be affected? This isn’t known yet. However, the implications of this might be massive, with other students potentially protesting or leaving their graduate positive in solidarity.

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