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US Investment Visa With An Immigration Attorney In Ozone Park

Understanding The Us Investment Visa With An Immigration Attorney In Ozone Park

Millions of people move to the United States yearly. Most want to invest in the US economy and infrastructure for the long term. Many also want to become US residents based on US immigration laws. Investment visas are issued to foreign business owners or investors to allow them to enter the US to do business.

There are many types of investment and business visas. Each one has its own set of criteria. Some visas are better suited for a specific purpose, while others may only suit some situations. Getting a US investment and business visa is an uphill battle. But with the proper preparation and guidance, you can quickly obtain the one that is right for you.

If you are an investor looking to bring your business to America, you must know what kind of business visa is best for you. Do not stress about the specifics of your business and investment visa. An experienced immigration attorney in Ozone Park will guide you through your visa application and help you expedite the immigration process.

If you are a foreigner who desires to invest in the US, here are some valuable tips you should know.

Available Visa Options

Many people come to the United States on business or investment visas. These visas enable you to stay in the United States for various reasons, such as education, work, travel, or leisure, depending on your circumstances.

If you are looking to work in the United States, you may be able to get one of the many types of business or investment visas by showing the US government that you possess valuable skills and talents that are essential for your business and that you are valuable in this country.

Here are the most popular types of business and investment visas.

1. B-1 visas.

A B-1 visa is a temporary visa that lets you enter the US on a business-related basis. It is for people who need to travel to the US for work, like going to a conference, having business meetings, or signing contracts. B-1 visas are only for business purposes and do not let you take on a job or work in the US full-time.

However, in March 2023, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services said that people with B-1 visas can start applying for jobs and going to interviews in the US. If you want to work in the US, consider getting a B-1 visa. These visas are less strict than others, but you must still meet specific criteria. Here is what you need to do to get one:

  1. You must be visiting the US for business purposes;
  2. You must have enough money to live on during your stay, and
  3. You must be willing to leave the US once your visa is up.

If you want to explore this option, talk with an immigration attorney in Ozone Park.

2. E-1 visas

If you have special skills, are an innovative professor or researcher, or are a multinational business manager or executive, the E1 visa was made for you. It is a type of visa that lets you enter the US to do some trade on your own. In some cases, employees can also hold this kind of investment visa.

You need to be able to do at least 50% of your trade between your country and the US, and the visa can last for two years if you meet all the requirements. If you are a businessperson from a specific treaty country, you can get an E-1 visa and work in the US. This visa allows you to do a lot of business with companies in the US and the country you are from.

You can work in various industries, like transportation, communications, banking, advertising, and management. The E-1 visa is usually valid for five years. You can get an E-1 status extension from USCIS for up to two more years. There is no limit on how many extensions you can get to stay here forever.

If you have a spouse or kids under 21 who want to stay with you in the US for the rest of your stay, you can apply for an E-1 visa. Your spouse can also work during their stay in the US by applying for an employment authorization document. If you think this might be the right option, hire an immigration attorney in Ozone Park.

3. E-2 visas.

If you are not an immigrant from a country with which the US has a trade or navigability agreement, you will have to make a significant investment in a US company. You can get this visa if you have made significant investments in a US company, own more than half of the company, or are in a management position while you are here to manage the investment company.

If you work for the company, you must meet the exact requirements of the employer. Your job description should be executive or supervisor-type, and you should have special qualifications. Investments must be made in the form of cash or other assets. Each qualifying investment must be made to generate a profit.

Qualifying investments must also be subject to loss. Only investments made to an active “bona fide enterprise” with the present and future capacity to provide financial support to the E-2 visa holder and his family will be eligible. The E-2 visa is valid for a maximum period of two years and may be extended indefinitely.

Investors with this visa and their employees can only work in the area where they have applied for an E-2 visa. If there is a change in the scope of their work or investment, it must be confirmed by the USCIS. If you feel you meet the criteria for this visa option, contact an immigration attorney in Ozone Park.

4. EB-5 visa.

This visa was first issued in 1990. It sought to boost the US economy by increasing employment and attracting foreign capital. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services issues it to qualified investors. EB-5 investors can obtain green card status. They also do so for their spouse and unmarried children under 21.

However, investors must meet specific criteria to qualify for the visa. Depending on your EB-5 visa, you may not have to manage your business. This visa is sometimes called the “golden visa” because it allows people to come into the US if they show an investment in the US up to USD 1.5 million.

The minimum investment for this visa is USD 800,000 to USD 1.05 million. However, you can invest up to $500,00 in rural employment areas or sectors with high unemployment rates to qualify for an investment visa. Your EB-5 capital investments may include cash, equipment, inventory, and other physical assets.

It is important to note that your EB-5 investments will be evaluated at fair market value in US dollars and cannot be borrowed capital. An immigration attorney in Ozone Park can support your EB-5 visa application by providing business plans, economic analysis, and proof that you own the invested funds.

Your EB 5 visa application may be subject to review by the US government due to the long history of people using this visa for fraud and abuse. If you are a foreigner who would like to explore this option, contact an immigration lawyer in Ozone Park.

How Long Does It Take To Get An Investment Visa?

The processing time depends on several factors, including the complexity of your case and the number of visa applications processed at your service center. It can also depend on whether you meet the requirements and how complete your documents are.

The average processing time is between 20.5 and 27 months, depending on the type of investment visa you are applying for. You can also expedite the processing of your application by using the premium processing service, which is available for an extra fee. You can learn about this by consulting with an immigration attorney in Ozone Park.

Why Choose the Investment Visa?

The US investment visa is an excellent choice for qualified individuals who want to move to the United States. Depending on the type of investment visa you get, investors who receive a visa are allowed to live, invest, learn, and work here. The E-2 or EB-5 visa can be a viable alternative to a traditional visa application.

The former is ideal for those seeking US permanent residency. At the same time, the latter is an excellent short-term option for those seeking a work permit in the US. If you are a foreign national interested in applying for an investment visa, you can advance your investment by scheduling an appointment with an immigration attorney in Ozone Park.

Get help!

At Gehi and Associates, our immigration attorney in Ozone Park can work with you to speed up your application process. We can help you compile and manage what you need to prove your case. If you want to expand your investment to the US, we can help you get your dream business or investment visa.

Having an experienced immigration attorney can make your life easier. Whether you need a short-term business visa or a long-term investment opportunity in US markets, we have a wealth of experience. Contact us now to get started!


1. How long can I stay in the US with an E-2 visa?

An E-2 visa is valid for up to 5 years. However, if the investor meets the visa requirements, it can be renewed indefinitely.

2. Can I travel while on an E-2 visa?

Yes, E-2 visa holders can enter and leave the US with a valid visa. However, a valid passport and E-2 visa are still required to re-enter the US.

3. Can I apply for an E-2 visa if my home country does not have a trade agreement with the US?

You can only apply for an E-2 visa if your country has an agreement with the US for trade and navigation. But you can apply for other kinds of visas.

4. Can I work with a B-1 visa?

No, you cannot work while you are in the US on a B-1 visa. You can come for business, like attending a conference or meeting, but you need help to work. If you want to work in the US for an American employer, consider looking into other types of visas, like H-1Bs or O visas.

5. Can I appeal if my visa application is denied?

No. Your consular officer’s decision is final, and you cannot appeal it. You can apply again if you think they could have done better.

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