USCIS: Resuming Premium Processing for I-129 and I-140 in Phases

As we here at Gehi & Associates have frequently reported that due to the COVID-19 pandemic there have been much in the way of restrictions on immigration.

These restrictions include restrictions on premium processing. On March 20th, a temporary suspension was placed upon premium processing by USCIS.

There is some good news, finally.

The USCIS will being to resume premium processing over the course of the next few months in a phase-by-phase plan.

Some of the forms of premium processing have already begun to resume, like the I-140. Beginning on June 1st, the USCIS will be taking all premium processing requests for 1-140 petitions. The same will occur on June 8th with regards to the I-129 case types.

Throughout June, more and more premium processing requests will be allowed to be made again.

June 15th: H-1B petitions that are filed with an I-907

June 22nd: All other Form I-129 petitions, including but not limited to H-1B cap-subject petitions and all other Form I-129 petition.

As the country begins to open up again and in turn, restrictions on immigration begin to live, employers will have more lee-way again to work within the system with immigrants. They will be able to submit premium processing forms for I-140 and I-129 petition beginning on June 1st. So if this is something you need to do, and couldn’t throughout the duration of COVID-19, you can do so again.

For the other petitions, individuals and businesses will have to wait until later in June in order to submit premium processing requests.

Any changes that are made to any of these guidelines will be announced by the USCIS and will be reported here by Gehi & Associates.

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