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The US Department of State has released the visa bulletin for February 2024. It contains what you need to know if you are waiting for your priority date so that your green card can be processed. The bulletin includes the immigrant numbers that will be available for February.

It also includes the “Final Action Dates” and the “Dates for Filing Applications.” The bulletin also includes when applicants need to submit the necessary papers to the NVC. If there is a change in status, the “final action dates” will apply. The “dates for filing visas” charts will apply if multiple visas are available for the known applicant.

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website will also be updated as necessary.

How priority dates are fixed

The consular officers notify the Department of State and USCIS about the number of eligible visa applications. Following priority dates, the visa allocation is made in the order of the demand received until 10th January 2024. Over-subscription is when there is too much demand in a category or in a foreign state.

For oversubscribed categories, the final action date is the first applicant’s priority date that cannot be reached within numerical limits. Supplementary requests for numbers are honored only if that priority date falls within a new final action date for that category. If there is an annual limit, preference categories become unavailable.

Visa limits for 2024

The visa limit for the 2024 fiscal year is as follows:

  • Visa for family-preference immigrants – 226,000
  • Visa for employment-based preference immigrants – minimum of 140, 000
  • Total visa for preference immigrants per country – 7% (25,620)
  • Visa limit for dependent areas – 2% (7,320)

Both the family-sponsored and employment-based visa preferences are issued in the order in which each eligible immigrant files their petition. The spouse and child of an eligible applicant shall be treated on an equal basis with the applicant. The visa proration is applicable to foreign countries or dependent areas that exceed the per-country limit.

Final action dates for family-preference cases

F2A numbers (EXEMPT) are authorized for February to be issued to applicants from any country with a priority date earlier than 1FEB20. F2A number (SUBJECT) is authorized for per country limit to be issued to applicants chargeable for all countries except MEXICO.

The priority date for all countries with a F2A number (subject to per country limit) is as follows: Starting from 01FEB20 prior to 08FEB20. All F2A numbers provided for Mexico are exempt from per country limits.

Family visa application filing dates

The chart shows the visa application filing dates in the time frame for which immediate action is required. Those with a priority date before the chart’s date can submit the required papers to the National Visa Center of the Department of State.

The oversubscribed categories have priority dates for the first applicant who cannot submit the required documentation. The current categories allow all applications to be filed regardless of the priority date.

Final action dates for employment-based preference cases

The chart shows the date for each class. “C” stands for current. “U” stands for unauthorized. These numbers are not allowed for issuance. Please note that numbers are only allowed for issuance if the applicant’s priority date is prior to the “final action date” listed.

Employment-based visa application filing dates

The visa application filing dates shown on the chart are within the time frame that needs to be acted upon immediately. Applicants whose priority date is earlier than the date shown on the chart can submit the required documents to the National Visa Center of the Department of State.

The oversubscribed categories have a priority date for the first applicant who cannot submit the required documents. The current category allows all applicants to apply regardless of the priority date.

A “C” listing indicates that the category is current. A listed date indicates that only the applicants whose priority date was earlier than the chart date can apply.

DV visas for February 2024

DV-2024 immigrants can apply for a visa in February under the category ‘DV’. Fees apply to all regions and countries. DV regional lottery candidates whose rank numbers are below the cut-off are also eligible for the visa.

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